Dilyer announces his first music video! And He Will Release the first song from “FIGURE D OUT”.. Early This Wednesday and it’s written by Dilyer, Gabriel brown and Adilson Jorge! 07/09/2022

Here we go! King D is back, he has a music video on the way from the lead single “ Figure it out”. The video comes out on Friday.. along with the PACK.the song comes out on Wednesday.
Fans are excited and can’t wait for this new droop.
High-concept visuals have been showcased by Dilyer

Fans had been eagerly awaiting any news after the artist posted a black picture on his profile on social media , which many took as a sign of a new Dilyer era approaching.

The cover art!

Dilyer is standing in a crowd with a lot of people! Some of them are holding posters with “ Accusations”. Others are holding “ SOVEREIGN D” and some are holding “ closure”.
Some people believe that this will be his last project before he starts university. All because of the references around the cover art.

The Category Is …
Dilyer knows how to deliver a striking pose every time. Fitted out in a black bodysuit with feathered sleeves and a curved, Dilyer reclines on that stage and stares directly into the camera.

What has dilyer said about it!?

“i’ve never been so proud of something.
i’ve put my entire heart into this project & i’m beyond excited that y’all get to hear it. My greatest joy of my life so far will finally be giving you this & letting you get to know me again through my best body of work to date. This project means a lot to me in so many levels, on a romantic level and also on a deep psychological”

We cannot wait for all this content! We are waiting it out!