Digital Secrets to Business Growth in 2022

It’s no secret that the digital space is constantly changing. You could say in fact, that practically everything online is being transformed on a day-to-day basis, thanks to current market trends and newer, stronger players constantly entering the ring. For a lot of businesses, both new and established, these changes can be difficult to keep track of, making business growth harder than ever. 

Businesses in 2022 have an unprecedented level of competition to deal with, and in order to stand out from the multitudes of other, equally ambitious companies, marketers and business owners need to understand some of the key trends shaping what are this year’s secrets to growth. In this article, we’ll cover exactly what you need to watch out for if you’re looking to fly high over the next few months. 

Defining the customer experience with data

Today, a large portion of customers will view your product or service offering, and buy it, online. Therefore, it is essential that businesses use the data they can collect to provide as much of a personalised customer experience as possible. Essentially, in today’s online marketing space, customers are seeking the level of personalisation they would get in store. 

To help you personalise user experience (UX) and the customer journey through your website, there are plenty of data tools you can use to collect the relevant information. Web tracking techniques (with cookies) and heatmap tools are a great place to start – you can begin to understand how your prospects are navigating through your site and what they are looking for. With web tracking, however, you need to make sure your privacy policies are up to date and that you’re using and protecting your customer data in the right way. Learning more about your customer preferences is a sure-fire way to ensure business growth in 2022 as you will be able to optimise your offering to fit exactly what your prospects are looking for. 

Social platform activity and variety 

In both the B2B and B2C spaces, social is still growing, and businesses focussing on expansion are making sure they are active across multiple platforms. Social media is the ultimate opportunity for boosted brand awareness and customer engagement, and when done well, can seriously boost business performance. Before delving into social, make sure you are focussing on the platforms that will drive the most success for your company – conduct competitor research and take a look at where their customers are spending time. 

It is also important that businesses without dedicated social teams create a social calendar. This will help to ensure you are posting regularly (which relates back to providing an optimised experience for the user) and keeping your social platforms fresh with exciting, timely content. It’s all too easy to start drowning in other work and forget about your social media presence!

SEO integration: Doing it the right way

Many of us will know of SEO as one of the oldest tricks in the digital marketer’s handbook, but it’s no longer a ‘trick’ at all. As businesses across the globe have learnt to optimise their websites and all of their digital content for SEO, those looking for continued growth should now look at search engine optimisation from a user experience perspective. 

Google’s search algorithms are so much smarter and more contextual than they used to be, and so it’s no longer just about choosing relevant keywords and creating specific landing pages for them. A search term has to be contextually relevant to your site and what you’re offering, and the only way you can portray this online is through highly-relevant and meaningful content. Not only will your site perform better, but your users are more likely to remember you and come back for more.

Business growth in 2022 will be far from easy, but with a strategic, user-focussed approach, progress is achievable. To set your strategy off on the right foot, partner with an experienced agency who can prioritise your key focus areas and help you generate results faster than your competitors. 

About the Author: Larry Kotch is the co-founder of The Brains, an award-winning digital marketing agency in London. Ranked #3 in B2B Marketing’s Global 30 under 30, Larry leads a dedicated, remote team of talented digital marketing professionals.


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