Digital Marketing Lessons From Netflix’s Squid Game

The Netflix drama series Squid Game has become its most-watched series ever. Since Squid Game is a non-Hollywood series, it is a special achievement for all people involved in the production. Also, it makes people wonder how it could become a phenomenon.

Let’s take a look from a digital marketing perspective at why Squid Game is such a hit and what we can learn from it.

Quality generates organic endorsements

Squid Game’s fame is spread beyond Netflix subscribers. It has been recognized by most social media users globe-wide. That’s how big Squid Game is.

The question is, how come a TV series from South Korea gained this much attention within months. We believe it is also the result of digital marketing. There are countless posts about Squid Game on social media platforms.

It happens that many social media users share a parody of the scene in Squid Game or memes from Squid Game. Those then affect ten different users and make them want to watch it.

The next thing we know, these ten users post about the Squid Game to their platforms, and the circle continues. In short, quality stuff can make thousands of people become your advocates voluntarily.

Add storytelling to your digital marketing campaign

As part of its storyline, Squid Game shows how each character’s problems and emotions relate to the viewer. Viewers can relate to the issues brought up in the series or understand what the characters went through. That is why the viewers are willing to binge-watch the series.

And what can we learn from Squid Game in terms of doing digital marketing?

Your digital marketing campaign should connect with your audience. People dislike blatant advertisements, but they love good storytelling. So, add some storytelling to your campaign. If you are in dire need of awesome storytelling for your campaign, a digital marketing agency Singapore can help you with it.

Give chance for a new thing

Sometimes people do not know what they need until they have it in front of their eyes and the series proved it. The script of Squid Game has been written and pitched since 2009 yet no one wanted to give it a chance due to various reasons until Netflix decided to give it a try. Netflix’s gamble pays off because Squid Game managed to gain fame.

The series reaches millions of views within days and more every day. The series received critical acclaim and positive receptions from viewers.

That is why as a digital marketer, you should not just stick to a tried and true strategy. Always give room to do something different as long as it does not deviate too far from the standard. For instance, a website development Singapore can create your dream website using the latest technology—without jeopardising the user experience—just to be different.

The ability to learn and understand the needs of your customers is essential, however, using a new approach for your digital marketing strategy is also worth a try. Maybe it can lead to a better result, right?

The key takeaway

Squid Game is a phenomenon. It shows quality can give you positive publicity, people love captivating storytelling and are up for a new thing if you dare to reinvent the wheel. So, try to incorporate those three elements into your digital marketing strategy.