Digital Marketing Expert Kianoush Kouchaksaraei on How His Company Kianoush Media Grew Exponentially

As more and more businesses are developing a digital persona, the role of digital marketing is assuming greater importance. This new form of marketing that makes use of the internet to sell products and services has virtually replaced the traditional mode of marketing. Instead of using conventional means like billboards and face-to-face meetings, this new-age marketing technology uses digital channels like email, websites, social media, and search engines. The success of a digital marketing campaign would, however, depend on the clarity of one’s goals, as well as the skillful use of paid and free channels for its execution. The best of digital marketers are the ones who know how to strike the right balance between these channel options. 

Kianoush Kouchaksaraei, a brilliant digital marketing expert from Iran, has redefined the norms of influencer marketing in the digital world. With over 100 clients today, he attributes his success to well-planned and executed digital marketing campaigns run by him. Sharing insights to crafting impeccable digital marketing campaigns, Kianoush says, “It was the clarity about my client’s business goals, skillfully optimizing the content and precise messaging that worked well for me.” According to him, the key to his developing mastery over this field was his passion for working independently and tirelessly towards accomplishing his client requirements. With his inspirational content and consistently putting on a great show as a digital marketer, Kianoush has attracted millions of followers on social media. 

Born on 29th June 1985, Kianoush Kouchaksaraei is a qualified computer engineer from a reputed college in Tehran, Iran. With a desire to earn more, he eyed business opportunities in import, export, and real estate and moved to Turkey in 2016. Elaborating on this decision, he says, “after moving to Turkey, I had made my mind to make money in a short period. I kept myself open to any business opportunities, which would give me good financial returns.” After earning a good revenue through his businesses and gaining some expertise in digital marketing, Kianoush set-up his influencer marketing startup, putting himself on the road to success. 

It was his flair for marketing and desire to mint money that led Kianoush to reach this milestone. While doing business deals, he could sense the immense scope that digital marketing offered. Developing world-class skills as a digital marketer, he could elevate himself to becoming a top digital marketing expert. With such a dynamic personality and exceptional talent, Kianoush achieved greater heights in his career.