Intelligent Digital Mailroom — How to Get Extra 60% Time While Getting Rid of Boring Administration

Do you have an idea how many different customer documents you receive every day in your company inbox?

 While you may not know the exact number, you surely know one thing—they all must be correctly distributed and organized.

If you still do this all more or less manually by using your human resources, it is time to change that now.

A quick intro: What it means to handle incoming communication intelligently

It means letting intelligent techniques (OCR—Optical character recognition, AI—Artificial Intelligence, and ML—Machine Learning) do the job that your people previously did.

The power of Digital Mailroom is capturing a wide range of incoming documents, identifying what type of communication it is, extracting the necessary data/information from those documents, and then distributing them across the company to the right person (or process).

Be it scanned or uploaded documents, images, or e-mails, your people do not have to search, scan, or type anything manually.

Is Docbyte’s solution somehow different from other Digital Mailroom solutions?

Yes, in two things. First, it uses machine learning with continuous training to keep the solution in good health over time. Secondly, our solution can process all channels, especially e-mail.

Here is an example of an often-used Intelligent Mailroom Solution by Docbyte:

  1. 1.       An e-mail from a customer with a scan of their ID attached arrives in your ‘info@’ inbox address↴.
  • 2.       This document is then scanned automatically using classification algorithms and picking only what you have defined as necessary for your business—let’s say, ID number, picture of your customer’s face, and expiry date of the ID.
  • 3.       These three data are then categorized and sent to a responsible person who needs it for their further work (e.g., a helpdesk operator).

In this exact case, you directly win twice:

1) You make the job easier for your customer service team, allowing it to entirely focus on the customer instead of digging in e-mails and data and 2) you immediately improve customer experience. Which is what we all want!

Is Intelligent Digital Mailroom suitable for my business, too?

The businesses that will benefit from our solution the most are Finance & Insurance companies and smaller IT teams that want to focus more on your business-related challenges than on sorting and resending documents.

So, if you are a company looking to improve its current document extraction and distribution solution, we are here for you.

What are the most common doubts about Digital Mailroom?

COOs, CEOs, and Operations Managers share their most common objections and doubts:

“We already have such a solution. “

And that is good. However, according to our experience, most of the mailroom processes can be significantly improved.

That is why we do the most to enhance existing mailroom solutions, chiefly to reduce the cost of operating the solution and manual work downstream.

“We don’t want to replace our existing solution. “

And you also do not have to. We always concentrate on implementing our solutions efficiently and yes, we do not need to start from scratch each time.

 It is often sufficient that we only complement your current solution with our IDP platform, so there is no need to replace it.

“We want to outsource this completely. “

In theory, you can. But even if you outsource, you will still need to handle the exceptions and scan documents internally—which is the same thing that we offer you. The point of the Docbyte solution is that your overall cost will be lower, and the results will be better.

“We are afraid our employees will not understand it and therefore, will not use it. “

Building up our solution or enhancing your existing one is here to help your employees in the first place. Still, we understand your point and have prepared an easy onboarding process and training.

Two benefits you will appreciate immediately

With the Digital Mailroom solution from Docbyte, you will achieve satisfaction on both sides of the business.

Your employees:

Since the Mailroom automation tracks everything from entry to exit, your employees will no longer lose information—the audit trail is transparent and easy to follow.

Also, your people will feel more valued when focusing on serving customers personally and with full attention instead of being overwhelmed with administration.

Your customers:

Automated handling of all incoming documents enables your customers to take care of things quicker because you will be able to respond faster.

In addition, thanks to clearer and transparent communication, your customers will not have to wait long or repeat their data across departments.

Price and time estimations of Digital Mailroom

How long will it take to implement Digital Mailroom in our company?

Depending on your business case, this will take anywhere from two weeks to three months. It can be fully deployed and generate immediate results within two weeks. However, for a complex organization, it is usually fully in place in as little as three months.

How much will it cost?

Clearly, the answer to this question depends on the range of implementation. But since we have successfully implemented and/or extended the Intelligent Mailroom for various businesses, our price estimations for your firm will be highly accurate.


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