Digital Customer Journey In A Post-COVID World

A lot of us are slowly easing back into our normal lives now that the COVID outbreak has been contained, but as far as the digital customer journey is concerned, it has undergone a sea change ever since the pandemic, with a transformation of purchase pathways.

There have emerged 11 trends that will have a profound impact on the digital customer journey and they are enumerated below.

  1. The outside, inside: After the COVID outbreak, customers have shown inclination towards experiences like entertainment, travel, adventure and personal indulgence. With the prevalence of social distancing, the indoors are the new outdoors and brands will be wise to adapt their method of marketing by the customization of services to enable in-home consumption. An advertising company will be able to help your brand in this regard.
  2. Trust in the brand: Customers are gravitating towards brands that they can place their trust in, and this is also affected by how the brand responded to the COVID crisis. This mode of customer behavior online has provided equal chances to all brands to cash in on their trust. Use the service of a marketing company to further your digital marketing.
  3. Bargains: With home confinement many customers have spent lots of time comparing online deals to work out which ones will give them the most bang for their buck. Companies and businesses need to explore value for money offers, for example, discount on volume sales and improved customer experience. A good SEO company can help your business to rank high on search engine results, thereby giving your brand visibility.
  4. Utility shopping: Customers are now more concerned with what is called utility shopping and this is mostly triggered by their functional needs. Marketers today need to position their brands to reach target audiences based on utility.
  5. Increase in digital experiences: There has been a very high rise in customers who consume digital content like news, games, social media, as well as entertainment like movies and web series’. There has also been a manifold increase in people using Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook messenger. Also, voice and video calls have shown a marked rise. A suitable marketing strategy would include creation of impactful and strong content in the days leading out of the lockdown.
  6. Ecommerce: India has shown the highest surge among neighboring countries in online shopping and ecommerce during the COVID pandemic and it is a behavior that is going to stay in the days leading out of it.
  7. Health and wellness: The COVID outbreak has made people aware of their health like never before and brands can utilize this awareness by tailoring their messages around the concepts of health and wellness to make them palatable for their customers.
  8. The smart shopper: Smart shoppers, those who research their product online before making a purchase are expected to rise post pandemic, and brands need to structure their selling strategies to include a digital customer journey, by providing in-depth and clear information about the products and services they have.

In the post COVID world, your brand will need the digital marketing services of, a well reputed company that can take care of all your digital marketing needs to tap into the new buying preferences of the customer.