Digital Brand Building Is Yet to Be Exploited Fully by Brands: Nik Mulani

The internet has upscaled entrepreneurship for good. The digital space enables brands to grow and transact better. However, it also means that consumers are empowered, and their demands are in constant flux.

Being in the digital space for brands is still quite a challenge, especially navigating how to grow your brand online, engage with consumers and deliver consumer needs. That is why Nik Mulani, Co-founder of Digital Nod, a digital brand-building agency, saw the need for Digital Nod’s services.

Every business is competing against thousands of others; and thanks to the internet, consumers can make and change their choice at any moment. Even the best brands on social media have barely scratched the surface of digital branding.

According to Mulani, digital brand building is a layered process that most brands get stuck on in the first few steps. Most small businesses know the importance of having an online presence, but they don’t know how to build visibility and leverage their accounts to grow their business.

Digital Nod was created to help businesses catch up to big brands with a better understanding of the digital space. Through Digital Nod’s services, many businesses have been able to stand out in their industries and attract more consumers to their business.

“The trick in digital brand building is to position yourself as an authority in your niche,” says Mulani. While you’re focused on generating business and making sales, brands like Digital Nod work for you to grow your online community and help you refine your digital marketing strategies.

“It is okay to not know where to start, it is a complex web of functions after all, but you’re doing a disservice to your business by not utilizing the full potential of the digital space,” states Nik. At Digital Nod, the team works closely with businesses and their teams to help them understand how to navigate the online scene.

So, seeing as digital experts believe that brands are not fully exploiting digital branding, Nik recommends that businesses enlist the services of digital brand building agencies, even at a consultation level, to understand where their brand stands and what they should be doing to grow their brands.

The online space is all about being a pacesetter and adaptable. The digital space is a fast-changing environment that favors those who can easily adapt to the changes occurring every other day. Nik mentions that even as a digital brand building specialist, he and his team have to keep learning and exploring new and better ways of leveraging the digital space. That is how you stand out.

Nik concludes by urging brands, big and small, to embrace digital brand building as it’s here to stay. Traditional strategies are no longer sustainable for business in this day and age; for brands to survive and thrive, they should be open to exploring social media marketing, guaranteed placements, and other modern ways of digital brand-building.