Do you want to build community brand awareness and business loyalty? Do you need to get your advert messages out fast and to a broader audience? Perhaps you want to drive traffic to your products and services? If your answer is yes to any of the questions, then digital billboards marketing should come to mind.

What is Digital billboard marketing?

Digital billboard marketing is becoming increasingly popular and remains one of the most effective advertising strategies available today to promote your business to a large audience and to allow for multiple creative strategies. It is a computer-controlled, electronic display with technical capabilities to heighten your market exposure. One of the reasons for the rise in the use of digital billboards marketing is the high volume of views an outdoor TV screen receives compared to an indoor campaign.

According to the 2010 Billboard study report by Arbitron, 71% of the surveyed clients say they felt advertising on digital billboards stood out more than online ads. No wonder it is frequently on top of the lists of medium and large scale businesses.

This marketing tool is a cost-effective way to spend marketing budgets for a better ROI. With a wide variety of digital screen sizes, colorful images, and catchy slogans, persuasive digital billboard advertising is virtually hard to overlook by passersby, especially during traffic jams.

What makes Digital billboards marketing better than traditional advertisements?

The best part about digital billboard marketing is its versatility and flexibility. Advertising businesses can alter their messages frequently to offer time-sensitive information immediately, unlike the traditional billboards that are printed, pasted, and will be reprinted if there are errors or a new advertising message is to be passed. The traditional advertisements are liable to get broken or look dirty. This kind of disregard for maintenance can send a wrong message about the company or product being advertised. However, digital billboards do not have this problem as they always look clean and neat and also send a clear message.

Additionally, outlined below are a few top benefits of digital billboard marketing:

  • Easy Advertisement Updates: Since digital billboards are connected to a central server, you can quickly revise and update the ads messages they display at any time. This offers you new and exciting ways to portray your message. This ability of digital billboards to update content as fast or as often as it is needed gives it a great value.
  • Bright Display: Billboards have a bright and catchy appearance since they are digitally-powered. This attracts the attention of motorists and passers-by and helps to spread the message about your brand effectively. Digital billboards have light sensors that adjust itself for night time, overcast, and bright sunlight. Particularly at night, these billboards are hard to miss, making sure that the advert messages you want to pass across are precisely portrayed.
  • Production cost savings: Since there are no posters required, digital billboard advertising saves you money on the cost of printing.
  • Multiple messages: If, for instance, you have different products or services to promote, you can forward different versions of your ad with links to each one. And if you have various services or products to market, send them, and you can split your time slot between them
  • Shorter lead times: It takes only a few seconds to win over a prospect, and this is possible with the digital signal. Your ads are transferred digitally to the screen stays for about 6 to 7 seconds, and are repeated according to your schedule. Within that time frame, you can convert hundreds of prospects into paying customers.
  • In the same manner, adding digital billboard marketing to your media mix will extend your brand reach and certainly adds more impact to your digital campaigns.

As you can see, digital billboards have many benefits when compared to traditional advertising. And this is the reason why you continue to see more of these billboards across the globe.

Who Are Qualified To Benefit From Digital Billboard Marketing?

Digital billboard marketing is open to virtually all businesses, particularly medium and large scale businesses like Visual Impact Productions. Car dealerships, large clothing brands, shopping centers, fast food chains, etc. are equally eligible to benefit from using digital billboards. If you want to maintain or improve the public awareness of your services or products, you can put up your billboard adverts in strategic locations, provided they are approved by law.

Where Can Digital Billboards Be Placed?

Not every outdoor location is perfect for digital billboards. Digital billboards basically are more effective around high-traffic automotive and foot areas, waiting areas, transport terminals, bus shelters, shop frontages, etc, to effectively capture the attention of pedestrians and motorists. It is, however, important that the billboard is visible. Just make sure you are familiar with the zoning restrictions of the location where you want to put your ads before you search for a digital billboard advertising company.

What is the cost of digital billboard advertising, and how do you purchase Digital Billboard Space?

Billboard advertising can be relatively inexpensive, but the exact cost of digital billboard advertising depends on several factors, including: location, demand, time of the year and campaign duration. Location means how many people will be viewing the billboard daily.

Since digital billboards continue to appear in different locations and fairly randomly, many businesses find it challenging to locate and buy digital signage space. But lately, there have been a few agencies that are in partnership with digital billboard owners to form digital signage networks.

Rules Guiding The Use Of Digital Billboards For Marketing

Billboards generally are meant to be striking and simple. As compelling and unique as the digital billboard is when it comes to marketing, below are a few tried and true rules guiding its use.

  1. The text should be a minimum of 18 inches tall
  2. The font must be easy to read in vibrant colors that contrast well and are persuasive
  3. Consider the tone and contents and tone of your message because this can have some adverse effects

Digital billboard marketing can be a great option if your advertising campaign is one of branding and awareness. However, it should be avoided if you want to get across lots of information about your services or products.

Government Regulations About Digital Billboard marketing

Both the state and the federal government have introduced regulations that make digital billboard marketing safe for motorists. One of these regulations is that the display screen should not be too bright, nor should it have an animation. These regulations are to ensure that motorists have time to see the message without disturbing their driving.

Does it have any shortcoming?

With digital billboard marketing, size matters a lot when you want to get noticed since the more significant the display screen, the farther away an audience can view your adverts. Another one is the advertising cost of digital billboards, which generally depends on the time you choose and location. To save average price, you may opt for long term and negotiate for a discount.

Final thought

Digital billboard advertising is one of the most effective tools you can use to take your business and outdoor advertising to a new level.  Whatever kind of digital billboard you have in mind, you must furnish it with a compelling marketing campaign message. Keep it interesting, short, and straight to the point. Pick colors that would easily represent your brand and show from a distance.

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