Digifix Media becomes the best digital marketing agency founded by young entrepreneur Rohit Sharma


He is an entrepreneur and a self-taught master in digital marketing.

Any firm may maximise its reach in countless ways. Strategic marketing techniques are crucial for the same. The audience reach that digital marketing can provide cannot be denied, even while traditional marketing strategies are becoming less and less effective. To be more specific, digital marketing helps any brand or business develop a presence on the internet. And in this technologically advanced world,

Rohit Sharma has been making a difference by assisting numerous organisations and brands in growing online and he is better known by the name “digital Rohit.”

He is an entrepreneur and a self-taught master in digital marketing. Digifix Media is a 360-degree digital marketing agency founded by Rohit Sharma. The potential of the digital medium in today’s cutthroat society is something we are all aware of.

Utilising this, the 23-year-old businessman became an expert in a variety of areas, including Facebook advertising, brand strategy, and social media optimisation.

Rohit Sharma advises that in order to stay current with technological advancements, one must be informed of what is happening in the online environment. What might be successful online material now might not be relevant tomorrow. Therefore, one needs to comprehend the audience and develop an online approach that connects

with them and has a strong recall value, according to Rohit. The preferences of the audience, he continued, are crucial to the marketability of any business.

Rohit Sharma predicts that online content consumption would increase in an era

where practically every firm is becoming addicted to digital frenzy. Everything is only a click away, he declared. With easy access to social media, how well a person uses the various social media platforms to make money is up to them. Since the costs and audience of each digital marketing campaign differ, the entrepreneur believes that online campaigns outperform more conventional marketing strategies.

Digifix media is the best social media marketing agency having experience of

working with hundred plus brands and generated 10x ROAS for their brand. Rohit also handles PR for his foreign clients and gets their articles published under big publications and assists them in getting verified on social media.

Rohit Sharma has made a wise decision in using the platform to both educate the public and develop a strong commercial strategy. Web creation and online branding are some of Rohit’s other core competencies. Several SMEs and brands have benefited from the passionate entrepreneur’s early support in their exponential growth online. To educate the public about its greater reach, Rohit Sharma’s business will host local business marketing workshops soon.