Different Ways Augmented Reality Is Influencing Our Wardrobes

Every recent stat that we see indicates that the number of people buying clothes online is on the rise! However, this increase in sales does not always mean that the business is growing because sales returns have been hampering the growth of businesses for a very long time. The rate of online returns is most significant in the fashion industry as compared to other industries.

But there is a way to reduce the rate of returns, and we call it augmented reality which can be used for AR clothing try on. This technology enables customers to visualize the product before buying it, helping to reduce the return rates significantly. Today, the fashion industry is using AR in many different ways that include:

How AR Is Influencing Our Wardrobe

Using AR For Visualizing Fashion Products

The capabilities of augmented reality or AR are being used by fashion brands to enable customers to try different fashion products such as hats or glasses.

This functionality is made available to customers through mobile applications where customers have to place their faces in front of the phone to try different fashion products virtually. Apart from that, certain brands are also leveraging this technology to offer in-store AR clothing try-on, making it easier for customers to try on clothing items before buying them.       

Visualizing Fashion Products In The Third Dimension

Augmented reality is still a work in progress, so brands are coming up with new tactics to make things easier for customers. One such way includes enabling customers to view fashion products in 3D as this enables customers to view fashion products from close proximity and inspect them in different environments.

One can rotate the products and even zoom in and out to get a better idea of how the products look and feel in different environments.

In-Store Augmented Reality (AR)

As we know, augmented reality has come a long way and this technology is no longer just restricted to virtual stores. Businesses are putting in extensive efforts to deliver in-store augmented reality experiences to customers.

This helps drive more customers into the store and provides an enhanced shopping experience to customers. One example of such technology is where shops include mini-games to keep the customers and their childrens! This way, they’ll be both happy and entertained while waiting in line for paying the bills or waiting in line for the fitting rooms. This can be very helpful in enhancing the real shopping experience of customers.

Augmented Reality Social Filters

Leveraging AR filters is an awesome way to gain popularity by deploying augmented campaigns on social media. One prevalent example of this technology being used in real life is the Instagram campaign deployed by the well-known jewelry brand.

They are working to generate awareness about their Kaleidoscope Summer collection. This campaign was made possible by collaborating with Popular Studio that designs entertaining and shareable filters on Instagram that can make almost everything look kaleidoscopic.

In Conclusion

The recent trends in the fashion industry surely indicate that AR will undoubtedly become an integral part of customers’ overall shopping experience. Brands will now use AR clothing try-on solutions for in-store and online applications enabling customers to get an augmented shopping experience.