Different Uses of Missed Call Services by Various Industries

Missed call solution is used by a business to reconnect or follow up with a customer who calls on the business number. With missed call alert, when a customer calls on the business number, the call gets disconnected automatically after a few rings. This is recorded and stored in the cloud data which is later used by the business to call back the client. `Thus a miss call is never missed by a business.

The Important Features of a Missed Call Solution

  1. Customers can be automatically connected from the recorded list. The follow-up calls can be instant or when connected during non-working hours, can be during the next working hour. Many business offer message alerts to inform that the call is registered. It also informs if the business is reached during non-working hours or on a holiday. It offers assurance to the customers.
  2. Missed call solution helps to register all miss calls that reduce the risk of losing customers.
  3. It allows easy integration with any leading CRM software that can be used to automatically incorporate customer data.
  4. It is economical and easy to use after installation. It offers real-time insights with easy monitoring of end-to-end connections.
  5. It allows for broadening brand awareness during promotional periods by launching missed call SMS campaigns. It makes business campaigns easier and more efficient.
  6. Missed call alert solution can be used combined with an outbound calling solution to process targeted messages to the customer contact numbers.
  7. A Toll-free missed call solution can be used by a business to initiate a marketing campaign.
  8. Each missed call is added to the database that gives a business analytical dashboard.
  9. Missed call alert solution offers customers free service and seamless communication. The business can make this communication better by offering value-added services to enhance customer satisfaction.

Different Uses of Missed Call Services by Various Industries

  1. Healthcare & Medical Industry: A single miss call can solve many issues and bring medical-healthcare services closer to the customers. Customers can avail generate as well as emergency services through missed calls. It can be used to book an appointment, request follow-up, request laboratory testing, and emergency services like ambulance services, etc. By just a miss call, one can register for a healthcare service that can be regularly updated as per need. It helps people living alone, elderly population, or differently abled citizens. It also makes laboratory testing easier as one can book an appointment at home without having to wait in a queue. The reports are also shared in the registered mobile number and next follow-ups are also reminded. Miss call solution has been very beneficial to the healthcare industry. 
  2. Entertainment Industry: Missed call solution is used by the entertainment industry to attract more viewers. It conducts online polling, and e-surveys among contestants or TV shows and use the miss call solution as a tool. As it does not cost the audience anything, the rate of engagement is more that benefits the industry.
  3. Banking & Finance: This industry uses missed call solutions to offer customers remote value-bound service. Customers can check their bank balance, get transaction details, check mini statements, etc. The banking industry uses miss-call solutions for different campaigning. It helps to send large-scale outbound messaging as reminder notifications for loans, installments, EMIs, etc. It informs customers to renew KYC etc. Many services like money transfers, requests for checkbooks, PIN change, etc. are done online which reduces the bank crowd. It saves time and energy for the customers as well as the agents.
  4. Travel & Tourism: Missed call solution is very popular in this industry. It makes the service customer friendly and reduces the workload of the business. All information and detail are shared hassle-free. It makes traveling more relaxing, comfortable, and secure.

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