Different Uses for Mattress Genie

We all love supportive pillows. (We even rest on them ourselves!) A clean CPAP machine is a cheerful CPAP machine. Removing allergens is the most effective way to improve rest. What’s more, backs ought to be supported and adjusted consistently, particularly while sleeping, and aren’t in charge of your position(s). However, did you know there’s something else for comfortable sleep beside the things on which you lay? Mattress Genie

Additionally, those can help improve and grow the utilization of your present items, like your bedding, what’s more, without spending a fortune on another rendition.

Using simple accessories, you can accomplish a reasonable repair to many rest-based requirements with the things currently in your home. Like treating colds, wiping out heartburn, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. What’s more, assuming you’re pondering exactly how a sleeping pillow change responds, look at these well-known at-home fixes. Or then again, let us in on how your Mattress Genie has made a difference!

8. Work on Breathing Habits

Assuming you struggle dozing or breathing deeply during sleep, the Mattress Genie will assist with setting you up for the duration of the evening. Use it when you have a cold or encounter blockage issues and need additional assistance clearing up your aviation routes.

7. Post-Surgery Healing

This lifting gadget is great for permitting the body to rest. It even comes patient suggested! Sit up during the day when you’re expecting to sleep yet don’t have any desire to rest. Then, at that point, more slow the Genie around evening time when it’s an ideal opportunity to relax.

6. Reduce Digestion Pains

If you at any point experience the ill effects of indigestion or GERD, the Mattress Genie permits your food to settle through the assistance of gravity. Once in a while, the body needs additional help constraining everything to sit and not “creep” back up into the throat.

5. Relax

Who would rather not be just about as comfortable as could be expected? All you want is some additional help to set yourself up. Just ascent ready for perusing or slanted dozing, then, at that point, empty to get back to a more conventional resting position.

4. Breakfast in Bed

It’s an extravagance few decide to keep away from, so why not eat in bed the ideal way conceivable? Regardless of whether you’re offering it to a mate or are being served by others (irrespective of whether you get up and cook and return to bed), the Mattress Genie is an incredible choice for in-bed suppers.

3. Get a Massage

Mattress Genies presently accompany a coupon for a free bed massager – offering you the best of both solace and unwinding. Give your muscles some additional consideration when they need it, or change the wedge to whatever your inclinations at that point. Or, in case it’s a particularly unpleasant day, decide on both!

2. Help with discomfort

Lower and upper backs can acquire huge help from a legitimate position. Raise and change weight, move legs, and more to maximize your aggravation management accessories.

1. Increase Blood Flow

By raising the heart over the lower half of the body, you can build the measure of blood and oxygen that courses through it. This can be extraordinary for recuperations or reducing pains. Nonetheless, you ought to converse with your PCP regarding what treatment strategy is best for you consistently.

Difference between Mattress Genie and other beddings

A critical distinction between the Mattress Genie and a conventional mechanical bed is that the Genie weighs under 10 pounds, making it convenient and ideal for movement. Albeit the item is lightweight, its lifting limit is not. The Mattress Genie can lift as much as 1,000 pounds, more than some costly mechanical movable beds. An extra benefit to the Mattress Genie is that there are no dropping parts to separate, so the breaking odds are insignificant.

The medical advantages of head height while resting are all around reported. Head height can assist with controlling symptoms for people who experience the ill effects of gastrointestinal issues like heartburn, Hiatal hernia, and acid reflux, just as limit snoring. Beyond its medical advantages, the Mattress Genie likewise gives solace and accommodation to any individual who peruses, works or stares at the TV in bed.


The Mattress Genie gives a significantly less costly answer for tending to a similar wellbeing and solace needs that a mechanical bed is intended to do

The pump works using a controller that manages the measure of air in the chamber to duplicate the various raised places of a customary mechanical bed. For further convenience, the controller illuminates for evening use.

There’s a lot of advantages to be acquired from the Mattress Genie – notwithstanding the abovementioned! To begin testing your model today, head to our item page to find out additional. It even accompanies a 90-day assurance to guarantee solace and everyday fulfillment!