Different Usages Of Single-Chamber Desiccator Cabinets

The single door desiccator cabinets are available in UV and clear amber acrylic. The best thing about Plastic single chamber Desiccator cabinets is that it provides moisture and dust-free storage which can be transferred easily at different locations. With the usage of the inert gas and desiccant, a low humidity controlled environment is also provided.  For the general-purpose processing, clear acrylic is necessary. For the protection of UV, amber is important. The static charges are eliminated with the transparent ESD PVC which keeps the dry box clean. This does not even attract the particles from the air.

Those operations which require corrosive chemicals, for them Plastic single chamber Desiccator cabinets is the best. The non-vacuum desiccators cabinets multi-chamber can also be used with nitrogen. When the scientists speak about ‘desiccators’, they are referring to the glass jars which provide the long term storage of the pre-dried sample in the small quantity or hygroscopic chemical reagent in the setting of general laboratory.  The Glass desiccators are also used to cool down the substance which heated up in a beaker or crucible.

  1. 1. Adjustable Shelf Storage Desiccators Cabinets

These are the standard desiccators cabinets which have the chrome-plated racks that provide you the adjustable placement of shelf.  For making more storage for the racks, the shelves also slide easily on the wire racks. Dissipative PVC or acrylic cabinets can be selected, automated or manual RH control with 1-10 chambers.  The sensitive materials are protected by the options of static control against the electronic grounding terminal which provides you the ESD safety additionally.

  1. 2. Water Storage Desiccators Cabinets

The water box or water storage desiccators cabinets provide the storage of a high density of about 12’ diameter wafers in the standard wafer carriers/ containers. These are also available in the pass-through designs for the access of the dual side. These are specifically designed for the 300mm or 200mm storage in mostly all the lot boxes and standard cassettes. The desiccators efficiency is enhanced with the humidity control system. This will save around 70% of the cost of nitrogen.  This will also preserve the wafers which are moisture sensitive wafers in a particle-free and dry environment.

  1. 3. Pass Through Desiccator Cabinets

These can be installed in an inventory room or cleanroom wall. These can also be positioned in between the 2 aisles in the assembly rooms which allow access to the materials which are stored from both sides.  The same controlled atmosphere is provided by the Pass through Desiccator cabinets with the low humidity storage and this is also available in the electronic safe material.

  1. 4. Drawer desiccators cabinets

Tray desiccators/ sliding drawer cabinets allow the optimal organization even in the low humidity.  ESD safe environment is provided and the storage system is also of low humidity where the parts can be labelled and organised.  The shelf life of the components which are stored gets extended with the nitrogen purge system just like other desiccators cabinets.

  1. 5.  Stainless steel desiccators cabinets

These desiccators have low humidity storage, durable which are designed for the long term durability and maximum capacity of weight. All the stainless steel desiccators are a non-vacuum cabinet which can also be equipped with some optional outlet and inlet ports that allow the gas to get purge through the area of storage.

The custom mobile desiccators have a clear acrylic construction that has the 4 chamber desiccators’ cabinet. These also have adjustable height shelves and wire racks for the desiccators.  These can also include 5 sliding drawers which has optional divider. There is also improves and newly designed desiccators to store and protect the critical materials which prevent any kind of contamination. These moisture free and dust-free enclosures protect the research specimens, electronic components, mechanical assemblies, sensitive parts, and calibration standards.  These amber units are very effective sensitive materials protection.

Standard Features Of Desiccators Cabinets

Even the airtight vessels have also been designed for the moisture removal which is available for vacuum and non-vacuum variants.  This also includes the desiccant materials like clay and silica gel, accessories like plates and racks, replacement items. The standard features of Plastic single chamber Desiccator cabinetsare adjustable friction hinge which adjusts the opening speed of the door.  The doors are also reinforced for ensuring the airtight sealing. The racks are also chrome plated which allows the shelf placement. All the chambers are hygrometer indoor and the storage of the critical materials can be done easily with the desiccators cabinets.