Different Types of Trade Show Displays

Trade show displays are considered one of the best techniques to strongly represent the brand’s logo, campaign, and products. Trade show displays are available in small as well as in large sizes. There are some portable trade show displays also such as tension fabric displays, banner stands, etc. Exhibits are available in different forms of layouts, patterns, and functionalities. If you’re trying to discover the best exhibit to attain the goals of advertising campaigns, we’ve mentioned diverse display and exhibit techniques that will help you to select the right display type for your brand’s promotion.

Selecting the Right Trade Show Display

You will find different types of trade show displays in the market or at online stores and each of them will offer a unique and different opportunity to promote your brand. Choosing the proper display for your corporation relies upon your price range, aims, and requirements. No matter what type of display you are selecting, make sure to keep the following advice in mind before purchasing or planning one.

Branding – You should select a well-designed exhibit that clearly replicates the image and message from your brand, so ensure your exhibit continues to match with your business standards, colors, imagery and logos.

Impact – Best trade show display is one that motivates your site visitors to know more about your organization and performs a long-lasting impression, so create your exhibit with its effect in mind.

Trade Show Display Sizes and Layouts

As we already discussed there are different sizes available in the trade show display, you can select one as per your requirement. Some standard dimensions are 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 20’, and 20’ x 20’. Likewise, there are numerous exhibit layouts. We are below sharing the 3 most in-demand layouts with a little description. This way you can get a higher understanding to successfully plan and implement the floorplan alternatives.

A 10’ x 10’ inches display is the most in-demand, affordable, and available among all sizes.

Typically 20’ x 20’ or larger, trade show displays are uncovered to aisles on all 4 facets. Hanging modules are commonly authorised above well-known shows with some restrictions on a height that changes with the particular trade show. In general, the height is between 20’ and 30’.

Two usually found styles in these type of exhibits are the Axis and Presenter layouts:

  • The Axis Layout makes use of a centralized shape as an axis factor for the display  layout, with unbiased structural factors located close to the corners and perimeter of the display. The not closed floor plan of the Axis Layout lets in site visitors to go inside and outside of the distance organically, decreasing clutter and develops the overall traffic.
  • The Presenter Layout functions as a theater/presentation and further assists display factors. If you’re trying to engage, talk and deploy storytelling at your display, keep in mind the Presenter Layout.

Inline Exhibits

An inline exhibit, commonly referred to as a “linear” trade show display, abuts more than one display on its flanks or back. Generally, inline trade shows are 10’ x 10’ or 10’ x 20’ with a max backwall peak of 8’. An inline trade show is positioned on the outer walls at a location where the event is happening is usually recognized by a term called “Perimeter Booth.”

One key benefit for inline trade shows is that many can reconfigure into more than one space, the most popular booth sizes are of 10′ x 10′ and 10′ x 20′. This offers multi-occasion exhibitors the capacity to scale an inline trade display up or down on the requirements of display of a venue.

If there is a use of inline exhibits then hanging structures are not preferred.

Peninsula Exhibits

Peninsula trade show display shares one of its sides with space, with 3 out of 4 facets disclosed to an aisle. For many occasions, brand owners demand to make the shared side plain, without any message, logos, or branding.

Peninsula Exhibits are normally available in the typical size of length 10’x20’ or a little bigger than this. If you are planning to use hanging structures then you should consider a peninsula booth of 20’x20’ or even larger than this.

Portable Trade Show Displays

Portable trade show exhibits are best for first-time exhibitors. These are generally available at affordable prices and are comparatively faster than any other displays. Those exhibitors who are searching for a quick solution or are working with tight budgets should consider advertising with portable trade show displays.

Tension Fabric Displays  

Tension fabric displays make use of aluminum poles, extrusion, or collapsible bodies decorated with close-fixing material graphics to create picturesque backdrops. Depending on the body, the pix for a tension fabric display pushes over the body like a pillowcase, slips into extrusion channels or are carried out at once to the body through Velcro. Accessories that include lighting fixtures and shelving may be attached to tension fabric displays for quality functionality.

Banner Stands

One of the most used categories of trade shows is the banner display. Trade show marketers, companies, and retailers demands for banner display because they are cost-effective, easily moved, can be attached with any type of custom graphics. Those businesses who are looking for he instant solution for brand awareness should consider this. There are further three types – Retractable banner stands, cassette-style banner stands, and fabric banners and backwalls. You can select one as per the requirement of your business.

Table Covers and Runners

You might have seen this type of display as a return gift from any shop. These types of displays are playing a major role in the marketing and convention world. They are presenting a modern answer and accelerated branding possibilities for exhibitors with tabletop shows. Printed on polyester which can be washed easily with the help of a dye sublimation print method, desk covers, and runners are often kept blank or as per the requirement, some graphic can be added in it.

Hanging Structures

Hanging structures are made up of aluminum-framed decorated with pillowcase pix and are available in different shapes, which include rings, squares, shields, pinwheels, etc. With the help of these displays, an organization can promote its brand by hanging displays at angles that can easily be seen by everyone from any side of the hall, room, or at any open area.