Different Types of Stickers Used in Business

If you are a business owner then you can understand the importance of stickers in promoting a business. Nowadays, depending on needs, there are many types of stickers you can print. It is also a less costly method of advertising a business then other traditional techniques. Here in this article, we will learn about different types of stickers used in business for advertising and other business uses in 2021.

Window stickers

Window stickers are best to grab the attention of customers. These stickers can be used outside and inside of the shops, malls and other businesses. These stickers come waterproof and UV resistant. So, the color of stickers will not dull overtime. The window stickers are made with vinyl material. These stickers can be installed and removed easily on the plane surfaces. You can print these stickers from small to large size as per your requirements.

Double sided stickers

Double sided stickers are best for using on a transparent surface like glass. You can use it in front of the office, restaurant and shop. These stickers are made with a silver layer that blocks light to pass from it. This means it gives a clear visual of what is on the sticker. Nowadays most supermarkets and retail stores prefer double sided stickers on glass windows and doors.

Self cling stickers

Self cling stickers are widely used for marketing purposes. These types of stickers are reusable and you can use them a number of times. It is best for using in promotional offers and sales.For seasonal events you can use them and remove them for the next season. You can also put them on the doors while door to door advertising of any promotional event.

Machinery stickers

Machinery stickers are available in fluorescent and metallic printing. These stickers can withstand very low temperature up to -40┬░C and high temperature up to 100┬░C. You can use these stickers on agricultural and industrial machineries. These stickers can be used in any weather conditions. Also, these stickers are scratch resistance and made with high tack adhesive.

Floor Stickers

Floor stickers are also used in industries, retail shops and shopping malls. These stickers have anti slop lamination as they are used in flat surfaces where people walk. You can stick these stickers on already pasted advertisements. Also these stickers are eye-catching and save lots of space on your wall. For supermarkets, these are most useful stickers after window stickers as these can be stuck on all walkways. Floor stickers are also waterproof up to 24 hours.

Car window stickers

If you want to reach out to a large customer base then car window stickers are best for you. You can do advertising for your business in the local area with these types of stickers. These stickers come with high quality graphics and colors. Also, these stickers have two types, one is removable stickers and other is permanent stickers. Removable stickers can be used in event promotion and seasonal advertising so that you can remove and stick different stickers after completion of promotion.

We hope this article will help you to understand the use of different types of stickers for promotion and choose the right stickers for your own business.