Different Types of Sewing Machine

Are you curious to learn about different types of sewing machines? Sewing machines may be divided into home machines for domestic use and commercial machines which might be used for factories and for the production of large quantities of clothes. There are different kinds of stitching machines designed for the house and infinite specialised machines that are included in the category of industrial usage.


Sewing machines are one of the best innovations revolutionizing the industry of clothing and upholstery.

Depending on the functions, quality, and quantity of work you can pick the best sewing machine for you. If your work is to sew some clothes or 4-5 times in a week then you must pick a domestic sewing machine. If you are tailor or frequently feel the need to sew clothes then buying an industrial grade machine would be the best pick for you.

Domestic Sewing Machines

The six simple kinds of home (for domestic use) machines are –

  1. Mechanical kinds of stitching machines
  2. Electronic stitching machines
  3. Computerized machines
  4. Embroidery machines
  5. Quilting sewing machines
  6. Overlocking or serger sewing machines.

Mechanical Treadle Sewing Machines

Mechanical machines are the most simple of all machines and will be treadle or hand-operated. They have been designed at the time when there is no electric supply.

You can do stitching by either operating the handle and wheel of the machine to let the needle work on cloth or use it as a treadle machine. The treadle gadget is not-automatic and operated via a means of operating a treadle plate simply above the floor. The motion of the treadle and a rubber belt drives the gadget and the sewing needle.

You possibly see a number of those vintage-fashion machines. They have been regularly connected to their tables and the machines are designed with a metal and constructed to last.Only straight stitching is possible with mechanical machine.

Electronic Mechanical Sewing Machines

Electronic sewing machines have many alternatives and the benefit of being electronically operated. There are many manufacturers of this type of machines to select from providing unique stitches and sew lengths.

With the help of electronic mechanical kinds of stitching machines, straight stitching,  zigzag and feature a few ornamental stitches can be possible. There may also be a buttonhole option. The capabilities are accessed via a means of a knob in place of an electrical automated panel.

Mini And Portable Machines

This type of sewing machines could encompass mini transportable machines. The mini gadget isn’t always robust enough for big portions of stitching. Although it’s miles transportable and simple to carry, it’s excellent for small work and mending. Most of those machines aren’t sturdy enough for large initiatives and prolonged stitching.

Computerized Or Automated Machines.

Moving on up the dimensions of machines, automated and absolutely computerized machines have many greater capabilities and features.

The gadget regularly has an LCD display, automated needle threading, or even embroidery stitches. Also, there are different options for stitch lengths and tension controls.  

Computerized kinds of stitching machines will make buttonholes and feature integrated sew programs. Although those machines are more costly, they’re robust and long-lasting. Reputable organizations commonly provide instructions and warranties on those better-rating machines.

Embroidery Machines

An embroidery machine is honestly a funding in case you plan on doing masses of embroideries.

The gadget may have access to integrated designs and a reminiscence facility to collect designs.  The USB port in this gadget permits the embroider to get entry to different designs and import them into the reminiscence of the gadget. As you may believe, embroidery machines are at much better than others so its price range is little high.

Quilting Machines

Quilting kinds of stitching machines are distinctly endorsed in case you plan to make big quilts.  This gadget has an extended arm permitting extra volumes of material to get passed by the machine. The quilting gadget is capable of stitch via thicker portions of material.  The feed of the gadget guarantees constant or even stitching as the fabric is held in place.

Overlocking Or Serger Machines

The serger is a quite new addition to the stitching gadget collection. It is the precise gadget for stitching stretch knits and fleece for lively sportswear.  The overlocker or serger may also include 3 or 4 threads.  It has the capacity to stitch, trim and oversew the rims of seams.  The serger may be used for neatening edges and it creates a surely expert look.

The serger also can be used to create mild gathers. Sergers may be intricate to string so if it fits into your budget, attempt to get one which is self-threading.

Industrial Sewing Machines

Industrial machines are made to be long lasting and to address more than one kind of material inclusive of heavyweight fabric, upholstery fabric, leather-based, rubber, plastic and canvas.  All types of projects that use tough substances are true sport for the commercial gadget. Some commercial machines have observed their manner into domestic industries due to the fact they’re very hardworking and sturdy machines.

There are unique kinds of commercial machines maximum of which stitch one specialised function. This isn’t like a home uses gadget that is designed for more than one purpose.

Industrial machines are made with metallic bodies and interiors. Because of their metallic structure, commercial machines are long-lasting and capable of stitching for prolonged durations of time.

As you may imagine those specialised commercial kinds of stitching machines are greater costly than home machines. There is a superb second-hand change in commercial machines as many keep their cost moderately well.

When buying commercial kinds of stitching machines recollect that they’re like using a truck vs using a car. A bit greater ability is required however when you grasp the gadget you may be glad together along with your purchase.

Many commercial stitching machines want to be inset or bolted to a desk with a connection to the foot pedal. This stops the vibrations of the gadget as well.

Here are usually available commercial machines –

  • Cover sew gadget – A specialised commercial gadget capable of hemming, binding, topstitching and upload ornamental effects.
  • Lock sew gadget and heavy-duty lock sew gadget – Creates a sew much like a backstitch.  The sew seems the same on each aspect of the material.  The lock sew is able to do straight and zigzag stitches.
  • Chain sew gadget – Creates a chain sew beneficial for stretch fabric and for binding and ornamental effects.
  • Blind sew gadget – This gadget makes an invisible hemstitch. It is rapid and efficient at this process.
  • Buttons and buttonholes – There are kinds of stitching machines programmed to stitch buttons the use of a lock sew and a commercial buttonhole gadget is geared for numerous kinds of buttonholes.
  • Back tack machines – They focus on sewing the little stitches you discover at the pinnacle fringe of pockets, or at the loops for a belt and different regions that want reinforcing.