Different Types of Rifle Scopes

Depending on your requirements, rifle scopes are available in many types and it’s recommendable to select the right rifle for the right purpose in order to get the best shooting experience. The following list comprises of different types of rifles scope that are designed to serve a particular purpose.

  1. Long-Range Scope

Different Types of Rifle Scopes

Long-range rifle scopes are hunting weapons that are designed with high magnification power and precise aiming features that help to perfectly shoot long-range targets. Most long-range rifles come with adjustable setting features that help hunters to view different focal lengths and compensate the wind direction for a perfect shot. If you would like to hunt animals in an open field, long-range rifles provide the best shooting experience because you can easily target from a far distance where an animal cannot see you.

  1. Close Range Scopes

Close-range rifles are designed for aiming and shooting targets at a close distance. They usually come with a red dot that appears inside the lens. A user uses the dot as the aiming point director when shooting targets. The red dot perfectly guides and indicate the exact place where the shot will hit under ideal conditions. Most close range scopes provide a wide field of view and their lens are made with very low magnification power.

  1. Red Dot Scopes

Unlike most rifle scopes that are designed to use cross hairs for aiming, a red dot scope does not have cross hairs and instead, a small red dot of magnified light is projected onto a small aiming projector that is mounted on the front of the rifle. The red dot provides the best aiming experience than most traditional scopes that requires one to use open eye sight while targeting. Red dot scopes have the following advantages over open sight designed scopes.

Wider field of view
When compared to tube style scopes, red scopes have a wide field of view. Tube style scopes helps to magnify targets and allow the user to shot on targets at a far distance, but the magnification limits the actual field of view. Additionally, tube-style scopes limit a user to use the rifle when aiming at short distances. Red-dot scopes are not designed or build with any magnification and this makes them to be more suitable while aiming at targets within a medium range and short distances.

First target acquisition
One of the most liked feature about red-dot scopes is their target acquisition. When compared with open sight scopes, the red-dot helps a shooter to aim very quickly at a target. After the shooter zeros the red-dot sight, the shot perfectly lands on wherever the dot is aimed. With the dot the hunter does not need to align a particular front and a rear sight on the target. Most professional firearms used by the US military uses a red-dot because the dot helps solders to easily make shots in a combat.

Low light usage
Another great advantage of using the red dot is that, it uses very little battery power to project the dot onto the glass. The red-dot is clearly visible in low light situations while tube style scopes cannot be seen in a low light shooting.

Unlimited eye relief
In order to properly utilize a rifle scope, the shooter is required to mount the firearm close to his eye. Most traditional scopes usually have an eye-relief distance of about 2 or 3 inches for proper utilization. Red-dot scopes have an unlimited eye-relief and this factor makes them more suitable to use than ordinary traditional scopes. The red dot helps the shooter to aim the rifle without necessarily bringing it close to his face. This advantage can help one to easily shoot fast during competitions.

  1. Air Rifle Scope

An air rifle scope is a special weapon that is designed for a unique property of shooting flying targets. This scope provides a shooter with customizable settings of perfectly shooting birds flying at very high speeds. Air rifle scopes also comes with parallax adjustment features that help users to compensate when the target is not properly focused or when the shoot does not clear see through the reticle pane due to strong sunlight rays.

  1. Muzzleloader Rifle Scope

Muzzle-loader scopes are specifically designed to be mounted onto muzzle-loading rifles. They are made with a high course engineering structure that prevents them from blocking access to the firing mechanism of the weapon. Muzzleloading scopes can be easily adjusted to provide articulate precision while targeting animals or objects in a range of 60 to 80 yards.