Different Types of Paper Shredders

What are the various types of papers shredders available? There are many types of paper shredder equipment to pick from, and the most crucial feature to consider is the shredder’s protection level. Cross-cut, strip-cut, and micro-cut paper rippers are separated into these secure categories, with the cut-type indicating how small or large a shredded piece is.

There seem to be a variety of features to select from in addition to the DIN 66399 security levels. Including auto-feed shredders, which can continuously shred your paper or shredding that can also destroy CDs and lines of credit in addition to your secret documents.

Shredders that shred sheets in strips

A spaghetti-cut, ribbon-cut, or straight-cut shredder is another name for a strip-cut shredder. A sole blade in the shredding cuts paper pages vertically.

As per the standard DIN 66399 regulation, strip-cut shredding is classified as DIN P-1 or P-2. This rating implies that the machines in this category provide the least volume of data security. Instead of short shreds, a strip-cut shredder tears your papers into lengthy vertical stripes. A normal document is ripped into 39 pieces on aggregate.

Text and images, drawings, autographs, and photos may still be visible in these strips. ‘Landscaping’ is the term for these cutter particles. As a result, shredding equipment is ideal for destroying non-confidential papers such as junk mail. Strip-cut machines are suitable for both personal and business use.

Strip-cut machines are the most efficient and low-maintenance shredders. The disadvantage is that all these shredders should not be used to shred classified data.

Document shredders with a cross-cut blade

Confetti-cut shredders are cross-cut shredders that shred in a cross-cut pattern. These shredder machines tear your papers diagonally from both sides, resulting in microscopic paper fragments. These shredders are significantly more secure than strip-cut shredding because of the cross-cut mechanism. In most cases, a normal paper is torn into about 400 particles.

Cross-cut shredders offer sufficient protection for shredding typical sensitive papers at home or at work. As a result, cross-cut grinders are the most widely used shredders on the planet. As per the standard DIN, 66399 specifications for sheet shredding and other material, this sort of shredder provides ‘medium protection’ and falls within security levels P-3 and/or P-4.

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Paper shredders with micro-cuts

Micro-cut paper machines provide far more safety than strip-cut and cross-cut shredders. Despite the fact that a micro-cut shred is a cross-cut one, it’s a much more sophisticated shredder that provides excellent security for shredding extremely private data.

In line with DIN 66399, a micro-cut shred is categorized as a P-5, P-6, or P-7 processor. DIN P-7 provides the maximum level of data security and is suggested for shredding highly secret material, such as government records. Because the sheet particles produced by micro-cut shredding are so minute, you can’t see a tiny letter on them. When an A4 sheet is destroyed with a P-5 shredding machine, it becomes almost 2,000 small particles. Check out for some of the best shredding machines such as dahle shredders Melbourne supplies these kinds of shredding machines for your official requirements.

Shredders that shred paper automatically

You can shred large numbers of documents completely automatically using an auto-feed shredding machine. This means you won’t be wasting time or money destroying paper. You walk away after loading the shredder machine with paperwork. You don’t have to shred anything because the shredder does it for you.

In the office, automated paper machines are frequently utilized. A finance team is an instance of when an automated shredder might be useful in the office.