Different Types of Lawyers & Their Roles

Law firms have different types of lawyers, and each of them specialize in various areas of law. Some of them are responsible for handling the work outside of the courtroom, including preparing documents, negotiating deals, drafting contracts, and advising clients on their legal cases, whereas others present cases in the courtroom to protect their client’s best interest.

Since there are different types of lawyers out there, here is a list of types of attorneys you will find in a reputed law firm.

Intellectual Property Lawyers: If you have created any design, a product, a novel, a song, or software, you can approach an IP lawyer to protect copyright, patents, trademarks, and licensing agreements. The primary role of these attorneys is to provide legal advice to clients on commercial viability. They have knowledge in both business and innovation trends. They specialize in different intellectual property laws, including e-commerce, biotechnology, computer engineering, the internet, pharmaceuticals, and so on.

Family Lawyers: They are responsible for handling cases, including divorce, legal separation, child custody, adoption, alimony, paternity, and more. Family attorney in Beirut Lebanon may work with a criminal lawyer if there is a case related to criminal investigation of child abuse or domestic violence.

Real Estate: Real estate attorneys are known for dealing with cases related to properties and assets. They help clients sort out their assets and properties they would like to distribute between their children and loved ones.

Personal Injuries: Cases related to physical or psychological injuries are handled by these lawyers. They are expert in tort law that deals with civil legal liabilities and damages. For instance, if you have been injured at the workplace or involved in a vehicle accident, you need to hire a trusted personal injury lawyer.

Business lawyers: They are also known as corporate lawyers. They are responsible for handling cases related to building, managing, maintaining, transferring, and dissolving a business. They also deal with company formation, employment contracts, tax compliance, mergers & acquisitions, and the list goes on.

Tax: Taxes are complicated. Hence, the majority of people prefer to take advice related to their taxes from these attorneys. Tax lawyers are known for assisting businesses and individuals with their disputes with the IRS. They know all the litigations and court proceedings. So, they assist in the best possible way.

Bankruptcy: People who are dealing with finances, bills, and debts can consult a trusted bankruptcy lawyer. They prevent their clients from going to bankrupt. They also help in negotiating with creditors to reduce the client’s debts. If something worst happens, they will help in filing the bankruptcy documents for their clients.

Immigration: If you are applying for US citizenship, you may need to approach immigration attorney to manage your paperwork. In case if you do not hire an attorney in Beirut Lebanon and miss out any process or document, it will delay your chances of getting approval. Hence, hiring them is highly important.

Criminal defense lawyers:  They are skilled in handling all the cases related to crime. They provide valuable advice to their clients from the time they are arrested to investigation and sentencing. They know how to navigate the nuance of the law in order to keep their clients out of prison.

Today, there are plenty of trusted and reputed law firms available where you will find these attorneys for your case. These lawyers have expertise and experience to provide comprehensive, timely, high-quality, and efficient legal services to local and international clients. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can find the right attorney in Beirut, Lebanon from a reliable law firm and fight for justice.

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