Different Types of Laboratory Equipments You Need to Know Before Buying

If you are a student of science, you will know that there are different types of equipment you need in a laboratory to continue the experiments. In a laboratory of an institution, like school and colleges, you require basic types of equipment, but when it comes to a personal science laboratory a lab of any bigger organization, it has to be updated with the latest types of equipment so that complex researches can be done easily, without any hindrance.


Today, you will get to know about certain types of laboratory equipment which are important to buy for running a laboratory smoothly. Read on to know more-

  1. Beakers

These are some of the basic laboratory equipment that you can buy now. In a chemistry lab, researchers need to mix certain solutions or heat those and do several other things.

Beakers are used for all these purposes and often those are used for measuring the solutions for certain experiments. Beakers come with special pouring spout so that the harmful solutions don’t get scattered. There are different sizes are available of beakers. Buy as per your requirement.

  1. Thermometer

This is the next important lab equipment you need to buy for your laboratory. Along with measurement, it is very important to measure the temperature of the solutions before mixing, else it can cause accidents. A thermometer is, therefore, an important apparatus in a laboratory that is used to measure the temperature in °C.

  1. Graduated Cylinder

Though beakers are effective for measuring solutions, a graduated cylinder can do it in a more precise way. Graduated cylinders look like tall and thin beakers which measure the volume of solutions perfectly. These cylinders are available in different sizes.

  1. Florence Flask

Among the laboratory equipment, flasks are quite basic ones and there are different types of flasks are required in a laboratory. Florence flask is one of those flasks which are used for different purposes in a laboratory.

Florence flasks have a thin neck and round base and it is used for boiling liquids. But, you can’t use it comfortably for mixing solutions.

  1. Microscopes

Each laboratory must have microscopes that will help the researchers to see elements minutely which are not seen through naked eyes. The modern microscopes are made with so advanced technology that it magnifies the object a thousand times from the normal size.

Want to Buy Laboratory Equipment?

So far you have got to know about different types of laboratory equipment. All these equipment are required in any laboratories. Along with these, there are Bunsen burners, pipettes, volumetric flasks, different types of test tubes, voltmeter, etc. As per the requirement, you need to update the laboratory with this apparatus.

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