Different Types Of Jeans To Consider While Buying The Best Jeans For Women

A good pair of jeans is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. And by a good pair of jeans, we mean the type of jeans that you can just throw on to make yourself look figure-flattering. Finding the best jeans for women is not as easy as it seems but with some quick tips and tricks you are good to go. In this article, we will describe different types of jeans that are available in the market. Whether you have big thighs or a big tummy, finding that perfect pair depends on what are looking for to cover up.

Types Of Jeans For Women

Out of all the types of jeans, may it be regular or skinny jeans for women, you should always end up shopping for at least one such pair of jeans that gives you comfort.

High-waisted jeans

High-waisted jeans generally have a waistline on the level of the navel. Such jeans are just the opposite that of skinny jeans for women. The trend of high-waisted jeans was brought to light in the ’80s and ’90s and since then there is no going back. High waisted jeans have become the part and parcel of every woman’s fashion lifestyle. You can pair them up with a tucked short or even a crop top. These jeans are basically designed in a way that gives the illusion of longer legs and as it is a high waist, it tends to hide the belly fat as well. Undoubtedly, high waist jeans are the best jeans for women.

Original jeans

Original jeans have a rise similar to that of the high waist jeans. The waistline here is again on the level of the navel. If you are looking for ripped jeans for women then you should definitely search for the one in this category. It is one of the best jeans that can be paired with either a crop top or a sweatshirt. If it is the fall season going on, try wearing it with pullovers, sweaters, etc. And if it is summertime then go ahead with pairing these jeans with shirt colored blouses, white shirts, etc.

Regular jeans

Medium or regular jeans have a waistline that is lower than the navel. It is basically classic rise jeans. If these jeans are chosen correctly, they can suit any body type and can be worn with either a classic jacket or leather jacket and a top. Regular jeans as the name suggests are the best jeans for women to wear on regular days.

Low waist jeans

Jeans with low rise look good on all the women with flat bellies. During the beginning of the 2000s, as per the fashion trends, these pairs of jeans were usually paired with short tops. The jeans are designed in a way that when they are worn with short tops, they tend to reveal the lower part of the belly. And hence that is why these jeans look more suitable for women who have no belly fat. Talking about the ripped jeans for women, in the same pattern, you can instantly add up to your style quotient with them. Modern fashion trends may allow us to show off an inch of your bare skin through these jeans with your abs game on point but besides that such jeans can also be combined with loose shirts and sweaters. You can simply tuck in your shirt and wear these pair of jeans to raise the temperature.

Ultra-low jeans

The girls with a slim physique and flat stomach should definitely give a try to the jeans with an ultra low rise. These jeans gained extreme hype during the year 2010 and even today they are a go-to option for many women. The waistline of such jeans is a bit higher than the pubis. Therefore it may only look good on girls that have no belly fat and good abs to display.

Ankle cropped jeans

If you are petite and skinny, you need not buy kids’ jeans anymore. The best pair of jeans for all the petite frame women is ankle cropped jeans. We understand you have been struggling a lot lately with the length of the jeans. And the struggle and difficulty to find that right length may seem easy but is actually real. Well, to help you out we will suggest you go for ankle cropped jeans that come in short or 3/4th lengths. You can further pair these jeans with sneakers with heels to level up your fashion game and give an illusion of long legs.