Different Types of hair for Men

From the classic charm of straight hair to the untamed charisma of wild curls, men’s hair types offer a spectrum of possibilities for expressing individuality. There are different types of hair for men. Hair types create different opportunities for men to show off unique styles. Just like men’s diversified personalities their hair styles are also different. Just like women, men possess a variety of hair types, which make their appearance look distinct. This blog will provide an insight into the different types of hair of men. If you want to discover the secrets of achieving perfect hair style matching with your hair type and texture, then you should not miss this article.

Straight hair

Straight hair is adaptable and sleek. They look versatile in appearance and can be easily styled. This hair type is natural. It does not require much effort to be managed. Just like skin, face and other characteristics of human body hair type are also hereditary characteristics which are transferred from parents to their young ones. Straight hair is strong and they are conveniently styled. Mostly side-parted hairstyle looks perfect on the sleek and straight hair. These hair should be nourished well with organic and herbal hair oils for excellent hair and scalp health. A sensible and smart hair care routine and upkeep can maintain the shine of these hair.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair type is superb mix of straight and the curly hair. These hair are not entirely straight neither too curly. Wavy hair look stylish and easily manageable without much efforts. Wavy hair can be best resembled with the mild waves in the ocean. That is the reason these hair are called wavy hair. Wavy hair are also called type-2 hair. Wavy hair do not stick to scalp but they fall naturally and provide a balanced appearance to the person. Some persons apply several gels on hair to produce wavy style. This hairstyle offers natural thickness and volume to hair and they look healthy on the personality of men. To style wavy hair is not too complicated. They are naturally styled. However using mild and natural products on wavy hair will be highly efficient for a good upkeep and nourishment of the hair.

Curly Hair

Curly hair looks amazingly fantastic with coils and fine spirals provide a unique charm to the personality of men. These hair types are not too tightly curled like coils but they are managed if moisturized with a good hair oil. One can observe prominent kinks and curls in curly hair, which make the personality look harmful. Just like other types of hair, curly hair needs regular upkeep and maintenance. They should be softly detangled. It is advisable to use a soft brush on this hair to ensure its good nourishment and health. Chemically rich products should be avoided. Natural and herbal oil and shampoo will keep hair strong and stay on the scalp. Slight trimming of hair maintains hair health and growth for a long time. Curly hair should be trimmed from time to time for a more enhanced look on personality.

Coily hair

Mostly coily hair is considered curly hair. Coily hair has firm curls with its unique natural look. If you notice curls of hair which are tightened, they are coily hair. Coily hair is also known as type 4 hair. The coily are natural due to the genetic characteristics of the individuals. Coily hair is possessed by mostly Afro textured hair. Coily hair looks dense on the scalp. These hairs are not easily managed. Mostly due to the weak texture of the coily hair, more care and upkeep is required. Hair care products should be chosen carefully, to ensure natural ingredients in them. Coily hair must be moisturized as they are thin in texture. There are chances that they might stay dry and remove from the scalp. Therefore regular upkeep and nourishment will enhance the hair and scalp health.


Final Words

Hair provides a charming look to the personality of men or women. There are diversified types of hair of men, depending on distinct characteristics. Every hair type can be styled perfectly whether it’s straight, sleek, wavy, curly or coily. In this blog we discussed in detail different types of hair of men. One among these types must be yours. Remember your hair is the reflection of your personality. Hair styling products should be selected carefully. hair textures may be different in different men, but its mandatory for all hair types to ensure use of reliable hair products. A good hair maintenance routine is a reason behind good hair health.