Different Types Of Floorboard For Your House

Wooden flooring has now become a common choice for homeowners to design their homes. Some people prefer wooden flooring because it gives a classic and elegant look, while others choose it because it is easier to clean and very durable. Remember that wooden floors add a certain kind of warmth and character which enhances the look of your home. 

Timber has always been the favorite material for homeowners regarding flooring because it’s beautiful, durable, and affordable. The great thing about wooden floors is that they look more classic as they age. So, install wooden floors in your homes with the help of professionals from Floorboards Adelaide. However, you can choose from different types of wooden floorboards. So continue reading to learn more about them. 

Solid Timber: Solid timber flooring is made from solid hardwood and has been a popular choice in homes for generations. Solid timbers are the only floors made of real “timber” trees. These floorings have natural grains which give the warmth of real timber. There are essentially two types of hardwood timbers, raw and pre-finished. Because solid timber floors come from natural wood, only a few colors are available. 

Laminated Flooring: Laminated flooring, as the name suggests, is laminated like a photograph on a layer of wood composite. Laminated floors can easily mimic the appearance of real timber, bamboo timber, oak timber, etc. There are several varieties of laminated floors because interior designers can create just the right colors and styles of wooden floors. So, get in touch with Direct Flooring Outlet to install laminated floors in your home. 

Hybrid Flooring: Hybrid flooring is innovative and new type in the list of wooden flooring. It has the characteristics of laminate and vinyl floors together to create enhanced floating wooden floors. These kinds of floors are made of many layers of materials compressed together, and the top layer is covered with UV-coated wear-and-tear materials. The next layer is designed with decorative prints, making it a desirable choice for many homeowners. 

Engineered Flooring: Engineered floors are also a type of timer floor, having an upper layer of hardwood timber and numerous pieces of plywood. Its upper layer is pre-finished and formed together with subsequent plywood layers. These types of floors are combined with the benefits of real timbers and the versatility of floating floors. Engineered floors usually come in two main styles: engineered oak and engineered hardwood. 

Bamboo Flooring: Bamboo flooring is made of bamboo grass, yet it is harder and more durable than timber. Bamboo floors are made through the process of shredding bamboo and bonded together with glue under high temperatures. As a result, it has a certain kind of charm and natural beauty while being supremely durable. Also, bamboo floors are highly-affordable and environment-friendly, which makes them a popular choice amongst homeowners.  


Wooden floorboards are now gaining more popularity than ever due to their appearance, durability, and easy-to-clean and maintain features. So, if you are planning to upgrade your floors, you can go with wooden floorings from Direct Flooring Outlet. Many styles are also available, making it easier to choose.