Different Types of EB 5 Visa Projects To Invest

EB 5 visa offers an amazing opportunity to foreign investors to get a conditional, or temporary, two-year green card by investing $900,000 in projects located in high unemployment areas, or $1,80,000 outside those areas, with the aim to create at least 10 permanent full-time jobs for United States workers. The EB 5 visa program is administrated by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).


Purpose of EB 5 Visa Program


Congress created EB 5 visa in the 1990s with the aim to benefits the economy of the United States by attracting investments from high-net-worth foreign nationals in return for legal permanent residency, which is commonly known as “green card”. In addition to this, congress planned to create as well as sustain American jobs by filling foreign investment into the economy of the United States.


The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) sets aside 10,000 visas every fiscal year for investors along with their spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has allocated a quota of around 700 green cards every fiscal year, per country. Under this program, the minimum investment requirement is $900,000 in a high unemployment area and $ 1,800,000 outside those areas. Investment under this program must be at-risk. However, it can be secured by the assets of the project, the ROI cannot be guaranteed.


Talking about EB projects, there are several options available for investors to choose from. Take a look at different types of EB-5 projects, including


  • Hotels
  • Mixed use retail
  • Sports stadiums
  • Restaurants
  • Agriculture developments, including farms and wineries
  • Electric vehicles
  • Manufacturing
  • Casinos
  • Entertainment venues
  • Biotech and medical technologies
  • Convention centers
  • Office buildings


How to Select an EB-5 Project?


Selecting an EB 5 Regional center can be challenging. However, choosing a regional center as well as EB 5 project that meets the requirements of legal criteria is a highly important step of the entire process, since the permanent residency of investor is dependent on the ability of the project in order to create jobs as well as adhere to the required legal criteria. Investors may be interested in any specific project because they are aware of the industry or the location of the project. However, there are several questions that EB-5 visa applicants should ask before making a decision related to investment.


Take a look at some of the questions that need to be asked:


  • How many investors have already committed to the project?
  • How jobs can be created? How are they allocated among investors?
  • Where are other investors in the process of visa application?
  • What are the risks involved in the project?
  • What are the scopes of returns on the investment?
  • What are the credentials of the principals of the project?
  • What is the screening process for potential investors?
  • Does the project qualify for the minimum amount of investment requirement? If yes, then how?


No one can pressurize you into a specific regional center project. You are suggested to do your homework properly in order to make your EB 5 investment. In addition to this, you can get in touch with the right advisor to get the right guidance and make your process easier and hassle-free. These days, there are several leaders available in the industry that assist people in their EB-5 visa project. The right advisor will guide you and help you in resolving all the issues. Simply find the right one and get their services.