Different Types Of Caviar You Can Try

If you want to elevate your culinary experience and try something royal, look no further than caviar. It is a type of fish egg identified by the fish from which it came. Chefs all around the world love caviar for its delicacy and use it to prepare a variety of dishes.

If you are new to the world of caviar, we have pulled together a list of some most delicious caviar types that you can consider buying and trying.

1.Osetra caviar
The farmed osetra caviar is known as one of the finest types of caviar on the earth. Many people even believe that it is the best caviar in the whole world. This unique type of caviar comes in a variety of colors, from golden to brown, and can be eaten with poultry, pasta, or any seafood.

2.Kaluga caviar
Also known as river beluga, Kaluga caviar comes from the Amur River basin. It is very much similar to that of Beluga caviar in terms of texture and flavor. However, its taste is often described as buttery, which is why it can be enjoyed alone or with any other dish.

3.Beluga caviar
It is known as one of the most expensive, luxurious caviar in the market. Just like the Kaluga caviar, this caviar also has a smooth buttery and rich flavor. However, the US Fish and Wildlife Service banned the import of this caviar type to the United States a few years back to protect these sturgeon.

4.Shassetra caviar
It is one of the most favorite caviar choices of many chefs and other culinary enthusiasts. Shassetra caviar can be perfectly paired with meats, fishes, sauces, and pasta. This unique delicacy has a unique flavor with dried fruits and grains.

5.Almas caviar
The next caviar, Almas, is also considered one of the most luxurious types of caviar in the world. It is white in color with a flavor of nuts and creams.

The general taste of the caviar depends on the type of sturgeon producing it, their location, various environmental and genetic factors. From green, ginger to brown and silver, caviar can range in many colors.

If you are wondering how to use Petrossian caviar, there are many ways to do that. Add it to the dinner you have prepared for your partner to add a dash of luxury. Most people consider eating it raw, but you can also add it to cooked dishes to enhance the taste.