Different Types Of Buttweld Pipe Fittings

Pipe fittings play an important role in connecting pipes and tube parts. PPR pipe fittings and buttweld pipe fittings are the most used and liked forms and are used for the transformation of fluids such as oil gas stream, chemical industries, etc.

Buttweld fittings are commonly used in pipe fittings in the piping and tubing system. all pipes are linked with buttweld fittings by bolting together, while pipes are connected by welding in buttweld. It comes in multiple shapes, sizes, multiple grades, and dimensions.

Types of Buttweld fittings 

Buttweld Elbow 45, 90, 180 degrees are the most common types of elbows. These are produced by cutting, heating, and bending the pipes. when using welded pipes or steel plates buttweld elbows are produced.

There are two types of pipe elbows are:

Reducing Elbow:- Reducing Elbow is used to connect when inner or outer pipes are in various size

Meter Elbow:- Meter Elbow is a pipe that has a right-angled bend and flow rate can be measured using a gauge.

Buttweld Tee

  • Equal Tee: This tee has the same bore diameter at both branch side and runs side, it is commonly used for branch pipeline and angles used for 90 degrees.
  • Reducing Tree: It is also used for the branch pipeline at 90 degrees. Tee size at branch sides is smaller other than run size.
  • Unequal Tee: In Unequal tee, a pipe connector used to connect the branch pipeline or at 90 degrees.

Buttweld Reducer

Concentric Reducer Buttweld reducer is also known as concentric welded coupling.

It helps for the connection of a smaller pipe to a large pipe with welding and a concentric reducer helps to weld a connection between the two pipes with the same centreline. 

Such as a larger pipe and smaller pipe, on the other hand, we have an Eccentric Reducer which is also known as a welded eccentric coupling which helps for the connection of a large pipe to a smaller one by having an offset centerline.

Buttweld Caps

During maintenance, the buttweld pipes used to stop the flow in which it can be or temporarily done or it can be permanently fixed these buttweld pipes are available in different shapes and sizes as required, Stub ends.

It’s a small pipe in which it has flawed outward and the other and is used for welding with the same size pipe.

Quality of Butt Weld Pipe Fittings

We exercise stringent quality control measures for ensuring dimensions and mechanical properties of our products are as follows:

  • Our quality assurance system assures each product to pass through processes and quality systems.
  • Material Control System
  • Finishing and Marketing
  • Process Control System
  • Machining and Dimensional Control
  • Certification and Supplementary Test

Quality Policy

We value our customers and provide the best quality by understanding customer requirements and satisfy our customers to the delivery of our products and the services.


By the measurement of quality, producers, and the testing which are done well through excellent qualifications of every piping manufacturers product before sending it to the customer.

we believe to serve the highest quality to ensure every single customer also to continue the improvement of quality to products by management system with the help of our teamwork and training.

Quality Excellence 

It is our main concern, in which we are maintaining high-quality standards by providing the finest material quality and serving our products for a long time our team experts. Maintain every product quality and every single piece with an attested certificate on it, in sports, we continue to serve and keep improving the quality of our products, and we always look to provide the best to our precious customers.