Different Styles Of Abayas For Any Occasion!

Do you wear an abaya and want to feel stylish too? It is a common misconception that you cannot go with the trends if you wear an abaya. However, this is not true. You can choose different abayas for different occasions. They vary from occasion abaya to those for everyday wear. Moreover, they are available in a variety of colors, which makes them even more stylish and trendy.

Do you know that there are a lot of abaya styles that you can try and carry easily for different occasions? So, let me walk you through different types of abayas, and then you can choose what fits you best. However, before going into that, let’s first understand the term abaya a bit better.

What Is An Abaya?

An abaya is an outer garment of loose clothing that resembles a robe. It is usually associated with Muslim women since they wear it to cover themselves. However, the abaya is not restrictive. There are many different styles and it can be worn by anyone. Today, many fashion influencers also accessorize them in many ways making them look chic and modest at the same time.

Different Abaya Styles You Need To Try Today

Abayas can be your fashion statement. You can wear them to schools, universities, offices, or even events. Depending on the type of place, you can choose the abaya style. Moreover, you also do not have to wear only black. You can choose the color that suits your taste from the vast color library depending on the occasion. Lastly, abayas are also available in a number of fabrics. Keeping your country’s climate in consideration, you can choose the fabric that suits you best.

Now without any further adieu, let’s discuss various abaya styles.

  1. Layered Abaya For Formal Functions

As the name suggests, a layered abaya has two or more layers sewn together. They are usually made of different fabrics. In most instances, the outermost fabric of a layered abaya is made of silky stuff to give it a flowing look. Moreover, it is open at the front giving it a gown-like look. Therefore, this can be worn over sleeveless clothes too.

Depending on the type of event, you can choose the color you want to wear. For instance, you can go with pastel hues for a formal event or bright colours for a family gathering. Another interesting thing about this abaya style is that they have different styled sleeves. So you can never go wrong with a layered abaya!

  1. Ruffled Abaya For Weddings

There are many occasions where you want to look different and stylish at the same time. This is where ruffled abayas come to your rescue. They have a frill style but no frills attached. This means that they are cut in a frill style and can have different lengths of frills or ruffles. These also come with the option of a closed or open front. In an open-front style, you can wear it like a robe. While a closed front abaya, it can be tied with a matching belt to make it look like a kimono.

  1. Overcoat Style Abaya For Winter Occasions

Wearing an overcoat over an abaya can be difficult. So, what to do if you live in a cold country? Worry not, because overcoat abayas are there to your rescue. So are overcoat abayas like overcoats? Yes, their styles resemble long coats, and they are made of the same material as well. Since they are warm like coats, this makes them even more of a choice for women living in countries with cold climates.

You can pair these with long boots to complete the look. There are also options with pockets which give a better reason to buy overcoat abayas. And it comes with the option of both an open or closed button-down front. All you have to do is choose the color and style you like.

  1. A-Line Abaya For Casual Routine

The A-line abayas are indeed the most common ones. They come in several different fabrics and colors and are a go-to choice for every woman. Since, they do not accentuate bodily features, but give a more flowing look makes them one of the top sellers. Despite being a common style, these are no less stylish. You can pair them with accessories and give them a trendy look too.

  1. Robe Style Abayas For Parties

If you are late for an event and cannot figure out the best abaya, it is safe to go with the robe-style abaya which resembles a kimono with long sleeves. They can also be paired with a matching belt which gives you the freedom to leave the abaya open or closed. It is best to make these abayas out of luxurious fabrics such as silk or chiffon, which will make them more exclusive.


Abayas are more than just modest wear. You can pair them with accessories and make a fashion statement out of them. Just be sure to choose the type of fabric and colors you like and bring diversity to your abaya collection.


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