Different Seasonal Tyres For Your Vehicle

Choosing the right tyre can be problematic for car owners because of the various brands and models available in the market. Fitting the right tyre will help provide a safe and comfortable drive, along with improved performance. Read more to find out different kinds of car tyres Maidstone based on season, vehicle type plus road conditions so that you can purchase the correct unit for your vehicle.

Different Kinds of Seasonal Tyres

Summer Tyres

The summer season causes the road to heat up and can damage the tread on standard tyres. Luckily, summer tyres are specially made for driving in temperatures above 7 degrees celsius. Fitting these tyres will provide:

Long-lasting performance: The hot road and weather during the summers can damage the apex of a standard tyre while driving. By fitting summer tyres on your automobile, car owners can get long-lasting tread wear resistance and even assist in decreasing early tyre damage.

Low rolling resistance: The rolling resistance plays a major role in determining the fuel efficiency of a car. Because summer tyres are designed with shallow tread depth, these tyres can offer excellent rolling resistance when driving in the summers.

Great control and comfort: Mounting summer tyres on an automobile can help deliver the optimal performance on roads throughout the summer as well as the rainy season. The durable construction plus clever design of these tyres help provide impressive resistance to heat and produce excellent control on dry plus wet roads.

Winter Tyres

These tyres provide the best performance and safety when driving in the winter season when the temperature falls below 7 degrees celsius. Mounting these tyres in winters will provide:

Low tread damage: The premium-quality build of winter tyres decreases the risk of thread damage due to driving on freezing roads. The rubber used for making winter tyres is flexible and will not go rigid on cold roads.

Excellent traction: The roads during the winters can be unpredictable. But, winter tyres come with a deep tread pattern design to provide excellent traction and grip throughout the winters.

Superior braking: Purchasing winter tyres for a car will help get the most appropriate braking performance on snow or ice-covered roads and even benefits in reducing the chance of slipping.

Snow driving: Get the ability to cut through snow cover roads without much hassle without compromising your comfort.

All-season Tyres

All-season tyres can perform well in summer, rainy as well as winter road conditions. These tyres are made with all-adaptive compounds that provide year-round performance in moderate weather conditions. Buying all-season tyres will benefit you by:

Less hassle: Fitting all-season tyres on a vehicle will help car owners get reliable drive-in all-weather conditions and remove the hassle of changing tyres every new season.

Offering average tread: The not too shallow or deep tread of all-season tyres delivers trustworthy traction, grip plus control throughout the year.

Get extra features: Car owners can analyse different all-season tyres that are also available with features such as M+S markings, impressive rolling resistance and more.

Performance Tyres

Also known as UHP ( Ultra high-performance tyres), these tyres are excellent for sports or luxury automobile owners looking to get race track performance in urban cities. Fitting these tyres will offer:

Stability when driving: Driving sports cars fitted with average or low-quality tyres will threaten your safety and decrease the performance of your automobile on-road. Mounting these tyres on a vehicle will produce superior control and responsiveness without decreasing your on-road safety, even if you drive the car at fast speeds.

Last-longer: The robust construction of performance tyres protects against premature tread damage caused by the high tension of roads while driving. Moreover, the design of these tyres delivers great grip plus traction when a car is driven at high speeds.

Reduced costs: Buying performance tyres that come with low-rolling resistance delivers a fuel-efficient drive and even improves the car’s mileage.

Design: These tyres come with durable centre bands and strong sidewalls to maintain structural integrity when driving at fast speeds. Thus, the chances of bulges or premature damage are reduced, and the tyre lasts longer when compared to other variants.

Other Type Of Tyres You Can Purchase

4×4 Tyres: These tyres deliver optimal on and off-road performance to SUV plus CUV car owners.

Run-flat Tyres: These tyres offer extra safety while driving on roads by allowing the car owner to drive for 50 miles at 50 mph, even with a puncture.

For more information about Tyres Gillingham, you can drive to a well-known tyre provider or consult the in-house technicians.