Different Packaging Styles for Donut Boxes and Materials to Craft Them

Donuts are a classic American treat that we all love to enjoy on the weekends. There’s something about biting into a freshly baked and glazed donut with the morning coffee that just fills you with joy. But what if we told you there was another way of enjoying your favorite snack? When it comes to eating donuts, these days’ people want more than just the flavor: they want the experience! This is where packaging plays an important role in satisfying customers’ needs and making sure their experience is memorable. In this blog post, we will discuss 9 different types of packaging for donut boxes, including materials needed to craft them, such as corrugated material, cardboard material, kraft material, and rigid material.

Most people are familiar with donut boxes, the packaging that stores doughnuts in to-go containers. As a business owner, you might be wondering which type of box is right for your needs.

Custom donut boxes are a delicious treat that many people enjoy every day. In order to keep them fresh, they need to be packaged in a box with the right material. There is no one material that will work for all donuts, so it’s important to choose the right type of donut box based on what you’re going to store inside.

9 Different Packaging Styles for Donut Boxes

There are different box styles for collective and individual donut boxes, including:

  1. Mailer box style: easy to open and close, looks great on display. It’s an affordable option for small orders.
  2. Pizza box style: features a window that allows the customer to see the product inside without opening the packaging itself. This makes customers more inclined to buy! Plus, they feel like they’re getting a special deal because the donuts inside are still hot.
  3. Shoebox style: with this option, your donuts will arrive piping hot. The packaging is designed to keep in heat and moisture so you can be sure they’ll taste great!
  4. Clamshell box style: this type of donut box features a sturdy clamshell design that latches shut for maximum freshness until it’s time to eat them.
  5. Tuck-top box style: the most popular mini donut boxes design gives a more finished look than mailer boxes.
  6. One-piece box style: this special style of small donut boxes has a single-piece design that is easy to open and close, which also makes it great for gift giving.
  7. Two-piece box style: this type of cheap donut box features a lid and base that folds together, so it’s easy to open.
  8. Three-piece box style: the three-piece design for this type of donut boxes bulk is very similar to the tuck top but also has flaps on both ends.
  9. Sleeve box style: this is by far the most popular donut gift box style, and it’s great for both large and small orders. It consists of a base, a sleeve that fits over the top, and then a lid.

Donut Boxes Packaging Materials

  1. Corrugated material: clear donut boxes manufacturers use corrugated material to craft donut boxes—the most popular choice in the industry because it’s strong enough for heavy baked goods yet still affordable. This is why you see so many food brands using corrugated box donut packaging.
  2. Cardboard material is another choice in the industry, which creates a classic look that also allows you to print images on your pink donut box so customers can see what’s inside without opening it up. This is why many bakeries choose cardboard donut boxes because they are able to customize them with an image of their logo or product.
  3. Kraft material is also a popular choice because it adds an organic look to your packaging. This type of custom donut box looks great with dark-roasted coffee beans or any kind of baked good that needs to be displayed in an earthy way.
  4. Rigid material for donut boxes is another option, and they’re made from thick paperboard, so they’re lightweight and easy to stack. This type of clear donut box is perfect for large orders because it keeps your product intact, making them great for shipping.

As you can see, there are many different packaging styles that will match the needs of every food brand out there! Are you looking to find a manufacturer for custom printed donut boxes? Royal custom packaging has everything you need to get started, and we even offer free sample packaging box orders.

We manufacture donut boxes out of corrugated material, cardboard material, kraft paper, and rigid paperboard. We also provide customized services for your donuts by adding printing on the flaps or sides of our donuts boxes.

Need to get in touch with our donut box manufacturers? We can help you find the right one for your business, so give us a call today!

Customized Donut Boxes – A Popular Choice For Brands

Donut boxes are a popular choice for many food brands because they’re inexpensive, easy to stack, and versatile. But not all donut box manufacturing companies are the same! Royal custom packaging is here to help you find the best option for your business by offering free sample packaging orders of our corrugated material, cardboard paper, or rigid board materials. We also offer customized services so that you can print your logo on either side of our classic clamshell design—or any other style we carry. If you need more information about how we create donut boxes, contact us today!