Different kinds of concrete Epoxy Floor Coating and services

Concrete flooring is supposed to be one of the most durable floorings it is great for heavy traffic areas such as streets, commercial floors and driveways.  It is so durable because it is made using solid concrete slab.  But when applying concrete flooring on your premise you must hire an experienced construction company as these companies provide various flooring services.

Metallic floor coatings or marble coatings are both a form of solid epoxy mixed with glitter-like particles. This mixture creates a beautiful pearlescent concrete surface. Epoxy coatings protect and increase the lifespan of your concrete floor.    

Epoxy floor coating has been one of the most favorites amongst all the concrete flooring services because it is easy to work with and also there are many benefits that one can get with this kind of flooring. Epoxy flooring services for concrete is also one of the most durable and reliable flooring technologies that have been introduced in today’s world and are in heavy demand due to this reason.

Investing in any other forms of flooring can turn out to be expensive, whereas the epoxy flooring services are considered to be one of the most budget-friendly methods as it makes use of the advanced techniques. Apart from all these things, epoxy flooring services can immediately transform a boring place into a gorgeous one with its superb glaze and shine as it comprises of other materials that can create the glossiness.

  1. Self-dispersing coating: If you are part of an industry where there are a lot of forklift activity or traffic that is caused by heavy trucks using the self-dispersing coating floor epoxy is going to be the best option. This kind of epoxy coating is made to handle great mechanical strength. Even though there are a lot of scratches caused during the movement of these heavy vehicles, the epoxy floor coating will resist all of those things and keep the surface clean and tidy. Without a doubt, an excellent option to combine with garage floor paint. A possibility that you would like to consider. No one wants to regret hours of work.
Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy Flooring
  • Mortar coating floor epoxy: If you are looking for one of the strongest coatings amongst all the epoxy floors, then you must certainly opt for the mortar coating floor epoxy. This is one of those floorings that is largely used in the industrial areas because it becomes easy to repair all the cracks that are formed on these flaws as they are made using layers of different epoxy coatings.  Mechanical industries, garages, furnace industries are some of the places that can make use of this flooring.
  • Self-leveling coating floor epoxy: if you are looking forward to refurbishing your old flooring with a newer one in order to make it look fabulous and give it an extremely smooth and glossy surface, then this is the kind of epoxy floor coating that you must choose to use. This is one of the coatings that is made specifically to be used at offices, kitchens, dining rooms, and places where it gives aesthetic appearance along with sturdiness.
  • Anti-static coating floor epoxy: As the name says it all, this kind of flooring is used in places where there has to be a static-free environment. Places like hospitals and any other manufacturing units where electronic devices are made can make use of this kind of epoxy floor coating because it is important to stay away from being electrocuted. No one would want to die of an electric shock, isn’t it? Hence, to avoid any damages caused due to electricity, using this flooring is the best choice.
  • Epoxy flooring services have been used in the industries where there is heavy-duty equipment used. These are some of the different kinds of epoxy flooring services that you can use according to the industry that you belong to. Apart from the industries, there are several other kinds of epoxy coatings that are made specifically for residential owners as well.