Different Industrial Metal Door Types-A Brief Overview

Government and commercial buildings have different entrance and exit requirements than a house door. These buildings require extra safety, security, and space.

A metal industrial door is able to meet all your needs. No matter what the design of your office space, an industrial metal door can meet all your needs.

We are here to help you make an informed decision about which industrial door is best suited for your workplace.

Read on to find out our guide to the most common types of industrial doors.

1. Frames and doors for steel industrial doors

Steel doors are highly recommended for residential and commercial use. Even the most determined door kicker will be deterred by a steel industrial door and frame.

To prevent energy loss, steel industrial doors can be well insulated.

This industrial metal door can be used for both single-traffic exterior and interior doors. For protection from fires, steel doors and frames are fire-rated.

2. Fire Protection Industrial Metal Doors

Some doors made of industrial metal are specifically designed for fire protection. The fire rating indicates how long a door can keep a fire from spreading.

3. High-Speed Industrial Doors

These doors can be opened quickly and efficiently. These doors can be used to prevent energy loss or contamination, as well as maintain high foot traffic.

High-speed industrial doors add security to government buildings such as police stations or secure data centers.

4. Sectional Industrial Doors

Sectional industrial doors can be a great option if you need to maximize your workspace’s space.

These metal doors can be split into sections that are strong and flexible. They slide vertically along the ceiling up to the entrance, just like an automated garage door.

In places where large hinged doors would not be practical or waste space, sectional industrial doors are often installed. This applies to professional garages, large industrial buildings, as well as warehouses.

5. Industrial Sliding Door Gates

Metal door gates for industrial use that open horizontally and slide out of the ground combine the advantages of a sectional door with added security.

This type of sliding industrial gate is ideal for buildings that require extra security, such as apartment buildings, secure government facilities, or car lots.

6. Sliding Folded Industrial Door

These industrial metal doors, which open horizontally like sliding doors gates are made of sliding doors.

These doors can be used for large, open spaces in commercial and public buildinsgs. They are ideal for areas that require lots of natural light such as greenhouses, flower shops, and plant stores.

7. Roller shutter and Grille Industrial Doors

Rolling shutters and grilles can be used to fit into any opening. They roll up or slide along ceilings when open, just like sectional doors.

You can have them as solid horizontal slats, or meshed slats that have spaces.

Shutter industrial doors can be used in warehouses or industrial buildings to provide extra security.

8. High-Performance Industrial Doors

These industrial metal doors are fast and durable, making them ideal for harsher and more challenging work environments.

You can also have them insulated for extreme cold conditions, such as cold storage or cold climates where ice and snow are possible.

Find an industrial metal door supplier

Once you have decided on the type of industrial metal door that you require, it is time to search for a reliable industrial door supplier.

Cheap products purchased from Selectlok will not give you the safety and security you expect. A good supplier of industrial doors will sell high-quality products that meet your commercial and public sector needs.