Different Hair Tool Materials you Should Know

Choosing the appropriate tool for your hair can be tough. There are many different options available on the market, and those provide the quality of the result.

The four commonly used types of materials are perfect for a hair straightener or curling iron; Titanium, Ceramic, Tourmaline, and Ionic technology.

Take an additional look at each of these and identify which will be the ideal option for your hair:


One of the most commonly used materials is titanium for straightener flat iron or curling iron. Out of all the materials readily available, titanium is generally ideal for hair straighteners.

The titanium material is much better able to retain the high levels of warmth necessary, delivering it evenly throughout the surface area of your hair. Be conscious of the damage that can come by exposing your hair to too much warmth for also long.


What is it? Ceramic is a composite material usually constructed from clay. It can be made use of in the body of a dryer, the burner, or as a layer on inner components. It produces a much infrared warm that penetrates the hair shaft, maintaining hair’s natural wetness as well as radiance.

Ceramic devices are several of the most commonly used by specialists—these jobs create negative ions when they are warmed up, effectively getting the job done.

The negative ions work against the positive ions charged via chemicals and static power your hair enters contact with. These positive costs can damage your hair; the ceramic tool can do to counteract this problem.

Helpful for the customer and also stylist? The benefit of ceramic is that it warms up rapidly and equally throughout its surface.


This home heating tool, like ceramic, works by creating adverse ions. There is only one major distinction between tourmaline and also ceramic heating devices, with tourmaline producing higher varieties of unfavorable ions. This has the potential to provide your hair care with a shinier appearance.

In addition to this, some products incorporate ceramic, and tourmaline products also offer much better outcomes. Tourmaline devices will be infused with ceramic plates, providing the individual the benefit of both.

Tourmaline crystals have been squashed into a fine powder and moved to the major elements of the home appliance. The tourmaline technology optimizes the negative ion output and shuts the follicle layer, creating smooth hair.


What is it? Ions describe any particle with a negative or positive charge. Adverse ions engage with damp hair by separating the water particles, allowing the smaller sized beads to permeate the hair shaft’s external layer.

Ionic technology takes an all-natural occurring phenomenon when hair is wet and breaks up the water particles, permitting the smaller sized droplets to penetrate the hair shaft’s external layer.


We discuss four hair tools materials here to understand which one is perfect for you. Besides that, you need to understand the hair types you belong to then it will be easy to choose which materials are ideal for your hair.

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