Different Character Emojis for Halloween

Smartphones have taken our minds and attention most of the time. Believe it or not, they are now part of our daily routine. We can not go a day without holding our phones because it already became a part of our daily lives. Communication is one of the major reasons we can not live without our smartphones, especially now during this pandemic.

Since staying in our respective house is sometimes dull, chatting and talking with friends is what we do to kill that boredom. Emojis are one of the funniest modes of language. We usually send different emojis for fun. This Halloween, since we will still stay indoors, you can use these different emojis with your friends for fun. 

Unicorn Emoji

This cute emoji is a mythical creature that looks like a white horse with one long horn on its forehead. A unicorn emoji is represented as a white horse’s head with purple or pink hair or a rainbow-colored horn always facing the left side. Besides its mythical meaning, it also represents love, peace, fantasy, uniqueness, and specialness.

This cute emoji is also one symbol of LGBTQ because of its rainbow colors on different platforms. Other social media apps have their representation of a unicorn with their unique style. Like at WhatsApp, the unicorn has purple hair, and it faces the right. 

Ghost Emoji

A ghost emoji is a white cartoon-like figure that looks like a ghost with a silly face. The arms of this emoji are stretched out, and the tongue is stuck out. Like it wants to scare you. This is the most used emoji for Halloween, for it represents spooks and monsters. This emoji is not all about the scare. It can merely mean “Boo,” which is cute to use for conversations.  

Clown Emoji

The clown emoji symbolized birthdays, or a classic circus which was supposed to mean happiness and joy. It features a face with white make-up, a big smiley face, a red nose, and two overrated eyes. Because of the character of Pennywise, clowns have become nightmares to most of us.  

Demon Emoji

A demonic emoji that is usually purple with two horns. The facial feature of it has a scowl pair of eyes and mouth with an angry pair of eyebrows. The other demonic face emoji is the one with the red face with horns on its head and wide eyes. Since we all know Halloween is all about spirits and demons, this emoji is perfect for this occasion. 

Mermaid Emoji

Mermaids are one favorite among women, for it has a feminine feature. A mermaid is one of the oldest sea creatures with an upper-body of a beautiful lady and a lower body of fish. There are different colors of emojis in a mermaid emoji, which you can freely choose based on your own skin tone. Perfect for Halloween conversations among girls. 

Zombie Emoji

A zombie emoji represents the dead. These are humans who already experienced death and resurrection but craved healthy human brains. Because of the movies related to this emoji, zombies are one of the best costumes for Halloween that is great in scaring people. Though the emoji of zombies are not that scary, you can still send it to friends. 

Vampire Emoji

Vampires are one of the oldest creepy characters of all time. These are undead people who can live for centuries as long as they can drink blood. Emojis also created this icon for Halloween and other creepy reasons. This emoji wears a black and red like a cape with two pointed fangs. It has different skin tone variations, and you can choose from being male or female.

Wizard or Witch Emoji

This emoji represents a character with superpowers, magic, and witchcraft. They used in video games and other online websites. Luckily, it is now available in the list of emojis you can use for fun with friends. It wears a pointed hat, a magical cape, and holds a magic wand in its right hand with long white hair. 


Emojis are our new form of communication. They add more life to our daily conversations with friends, family, relatives, and loved ones. These fantasy types of emojis are created for us to make some reality of our imaginations of when a topic is related to it that makes conversations more interesting and fun.

For this coming Halloween, these fantasy emojis are the best to use for greeting or spooking someone. As we stay this Halloween indoors, we make sure that the fun of being outside is there through the help of these types of emojis. You can always have fun with your friends, even if it’s through online apps. Never let your house kill your happiness. We hope our article helps you out in adding these different emojis in time for the Halloween season. Have fun and make your conversations or posts more fit for this coming spooky holiday!