Difference Between Split Screens, Snap Layouts & Smart Layouts

Technology is growing exponentially and with its growth, we now have more options to multitask and achieve productivity. Using Windows 10, users were able to split screens; that worked as dual monitors. With Windows 11 users now have the option of snap layouts. 

Split Screen

Windows 10 allowed its users to split the screen. It’s pretty simple to do. Drag the window by its title bar to the left or right side of the screen. Upon seeing the outline of the window, release your mouse and your window will snap into that position. Afterward, you’ll be able to see all your current programs on the other screen. Select the one you want to use and it will automatically fit into the other half. 

If you have a large screen you can even split four different programs. The process is simple. Drag the window towards the corner and let go. This will use a fourth of the space and you’ll be able to split up four different windows.  

This feature can also be accessed with some keyboard shortcuts. 

  • Windows key + left/right arrow (for right or left alignment)
  • Windows key + left/right arrow then up/down arrow (for one corner)
  • Windows key + up arrow until the window fills the screen (full-screen)
  • Windows key + up/down arrow (expand a quarter to a half window)

Snap Layouts

Snap Layouts is an updated feature available in Windows 11. It allows the users to snap their screens using four to six different layouts based on display size and resolution. The standard display supports four layouts whereas the ultra-wide display screen supports six layouts in total. To use this feature of Snap Layouts, open different programs that you are using, and pull up a window. To snap a screen, hover your mouse over the maximize button and it’ll show the options of layouts. Select the one that best suits your work needs. After choosing one, you can tile the rest of the programs in each available section. The layouts are as follows:

  • Two windows at an even length
  • Two windows with one bigger side
  • Three vertical windows at even length
  • Four windows in a grid
  • Three windows with one side bigger
  • Three windows with one vertical block and two horizontal blocks

Smart Layouts

SmartWindows is a windows productivity app that enables the user to do smart work instead of hard work. With Windows 10 and Windows 11 split-screen and Snap Layouts, SmartWindows gives something extra that empowers your use of Windows. Its Smart Layouts feature enables the user to restore Snap Layouts. It remembers the display position and window size of the layouts and restores it with one click. With SmartWindows you can save your presets for different work as well as entertainment profiles. Create separate work zones for entertainment, work, and games, etc. With one click, you can restore the layouts. It eliminates the need to create presets every time you switch on your PC. SN

Difference between Split Screens, Snap Layouts, and Smart Layouts

Split Screens enable the user to arrange up to four different windows or apps, Snap Layouts is an updated feature in Windows 11 that provides a set of six different layouts to choose from, allowing you to use up to four different windows at the same time. Smart layouts, a feature of SmartWindows that supports Windows 10 and 11, provides restoration for already made Snap Layouts.

Where you have a limited option of choosing from six layouts in Windows 11, SmartWindows extends its services by allowing you to create multiple profiles as well. Let’s say you use multiple apps and browser tabs at the same time. Open as many screens and tabs as you require and you can save them by clicking on the ‘Create Profile’ option. Using ‘Smart Layouts’ a feature supported for both Windows 10 and 11, you can also restore that profile whenever you switch on your PC. You can create separate work zones for separate work needs. It supports up to six displays, unlimited profiles, multiple tabs, and MS Office files as well. 

Following features are supported by SmartWindows for both Windows 10 and 11:

  • Restore Snap Groups with Smart Layouts.
  • Arrange and adjust multiple apps on a screen, save, and restore anytime.
  • Remember the size and position of the window of each app.
  • Restore multiple browsers and tabs with respective URLs(Click here for details).
  • Restore MS Office files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Project, etc.
  • Intelligent app positioning and restoration.
  • Create and save Snap Groups on multiple displays and profiles.

With these many features at hand, choose smart work instead of hard work with SmartWindows!

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