Difference between Search Ads, Display Ads and Demand Side Platform

There are many digital marketing options today. Search ads, display ads and DSPs are the most popular ones used by businesses online and for a good reason. To ensure that you get a return on investment, it is essential that you understand what each of the above advertising methods offers and when it is best to use them. Choosing the wrong marketing campaign can cause the company significant losses so to avoid that keep reading to know more about search ads, display ads and DSPs. 

Demand Side Platforms

A demand-side platform is a form of programmatic advertising where you buy ad space in the way of search, mobile and video formats on a particular platform. A good example is Amazon DSP which has become increasingly popular among different advertisers. You don’t have to sell through Amazon to buy ad space on their DSP platform. Individuals can purchase product listings in the form of Amazon sponsored products ads.

How it works

The buying process of a DSP is not too complicated. Advertisers bid on real-time impressions on their chosen DSP platform so they can maximize the audience reach. DSPs are versatile so advertisers can leverage audiences from both the DSP platform and other social platforms that their customers might visit.

Search ads

Search ads are one of the most popular forms of pay per click advertising where advertisers pay for their ads to show up above or below organic search engine results. The ads only show up when online users type in specific keywords on their search. For example, if a user searches, ‘online psychic reading’ a search ad based on the keywords in that text will show up above the search engine results page (SERP).

Research has shown that advertisers can double their investment by using search network advertising. The best way to do this is to put yourself in the shoes of the searcher and figure out their intention. How do you this? There are several tools that can help you figure out the main keywords used by searchers for a specific product. For example, if you are selling natural oils, you can use a keyword research tool such as Google search console or Google Keyword Planner to know what words your target market are using to search for natural oil products.

Afterwards, peruse through the organic listings and see how other people have formatted their ads. A search ad has three main parts, a headline, a URL, and a description. Going through some of the organic listings will give you an idea of how to structure your ad to attract buyers. Overall, search ads are best for advertisers who want direct results.

Display ads

Display advertising is another form of PPC advertising, but unlike search ads, they can be used across various platforms to build brand awareness and increase traffic. Display ads come in multiple formats such as video, text, audio, flash, and pictures. The most common platform used by advertisers for display ads is the Google display network, but you can also use Facebook and other social media platforms.

Similar to search ads, display ads cost per click, meaning you only pay if someone clicks on your advertisement. The average price per click for a display ad is 58 cents so there is a good chance that you will get a return on investment if the ad converts to sales which is the main aim of using display ads.

One of the main reasons businesses advance to display ads from search network advertisement is to remarket their products. As much as display ads can be used across multiple online platforms, the ads are more targeted. This, however, does not yield the best results because the average conversion rate for display ads is less than one percent. That is why, as mentioned earlier, the best use for a display ad is to create brand awareness and increase website traffic.

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Online advertising has come a long way since businesses decided to go global. Choosing the best mode of advertising will mainly depend on your business goals and target market. A good digital marketing strategy can have a significant impact on the success of your business. Do not hesitate to consult a digital marketing expert to help you figure out the best way forward.

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