Difference between original Medicare and Medicare advantages – explained

Health insurance can be taken in different form as various forms of Medicare are available. You are provided with 10 different variations and you can choose which is suitable. But these days there are two Medicare supplement plans that are highly famous are medigap supplement plan and Medicare advantage plan. As these two are really famous then people face a lot of difficulty in choosing one from them. If you are also confused between these two then you should learn the difference between these plans by reading the information mentioned below. People can use both of the Medicare plans as they both are amazing but the differences can direct to the one that is more beneficial for them. Thus one should keep an eye on their differences to make the right selection.

Original Medicare plan

This plan include two parts in it that is apart A and part B. the part A contain the expenditure incurred in the hospital or with general nursing charges. On the other hand part B will provide you with the outpatient or medical coverage received in the custody. Original Medicare is accepted by many doctor and hospitals in all the localities. The charges will also vary according to your visits if you are participating or non- participating provider. Choose the best Medicare supplement plans by comparing the differences.

Medicare advantage plans

This is also called as part C or Medicare private health plans. Medicare advantage plan also include common the below provided plans. These three plans make Medicare advantage plans accessible and best for people. The plans are as follows:

  • Health maintenance organization [HMOs]
  • Preferred provider organization [PPOs]
  • Private fee for service [PFFS]

The difference between original and advantages Medicare plans.

Cost recovered

  • Original Medicare: here you need to pay for the standardized part A and part B cost and also the premium of part B on monthly basis. You have to pay 20% of the coinsurance if you are a participating provider.
  • Medicare advantage plan: in this the plans will determine your cost. You need to pay for an in-network care as a copayment. The plans can charge a monthly premium with the premium of part B.

Is Supplemental insurance possible?

  • Original Medicare: when you have taken original plan then you have the chance to take supplement plan too. Also you can take additional premium for the medigap services.
  • Medicare advantage plans: if you are enrolled in advantage plan then you cannot enroll in medigap plan.

Hospitals and doctors

  • Original Medicare: you can take the services of any provider if you want. All the hospitals cover this Medicare services.
  • Medicare advantage plan: you can only take services in in-network providers.

Final words

You can see the difference are huge and can take the decision what you want. You are free to get the services with their accordance. You can see the best Medicare supplement plans by comparing these two plans. I hope the information will help you to get the right plan.