Difference Between Hiring a Personal Tutor Vs. Group Class for English Communication

One of the most prominent things before starting an English communication class is to think about whether to join group sessions or a personal trainer? Numerous differences make it challenging to choose. Some of them include:

Focused vs Divided Attention

A personal tutor may focus on a single individual throughout the class, whereas the same tutor would require to concentrate on five to twenty individuals in a group session. Therefore, hiring a personal tutor can provide undivided attention to the learner; however, the same wouldn’t be possible in a group class.

Cost Difference

Usually, in the industry of English communication or spoken English classes, hiring a personal tutor may prove moderately expensive than joining a group class. However, paying a slightly higher price at the expense of receiving undivided attention from the tutor to attain English communication goals would prove beneficial.

Lesson Flexibility

The most renowned course of spoken english for kids offers a strict schedule for lesson plans, study material, and mock tests. Students need to adhere to the criteria to receive the certification from the institute, company, or organization. 

On the other hand, a personal tutor can provide the same study material and mock tests; however, give an advantage of customizing the lesson plans according to the learner. It offers a crucial benefit for the students and enhances skills.

Doubt Clearing

Although many institutes provide doubt clearing sessions once or twice in a week, or at the end of the class, attending to queries of all students in a group class can provide challenging. Many students write down their questions and require to come back with the same in the next lesson. So, many queries of group class students could remain unresolved. 

On the other hand, a personal tutor would clear doubts during the class and even after ending the lesson plans with examples. Therefore, a student taking lessons from a private tutor would become more proficient in English compared to a group class. Moreover, the student can even come with more doubts about previous lessons in the next class and clear them with a personal tutor. This privilege remains unavailable to most students of the group class.

Learning Activities

Tutors nowadays find numerous ways to help students trying to learn English communication or improve their English learning skills with learning activities. Some of them include answering MCQs, fill in the blanks, wordplay, mimicking, etc. These activities raise student curiosity and enhance their vocabulary, fluency, speech, and other spoken English aspects. Group sessions provide a chance for individuals to participate with other learners. 

However, shy or introvert students may feel hesitant in joining a team or participating in group class activities. The tutors mostly collect answer sheets, makes remarks, and gives them back to the students in the next class. On the other hand, students taking lessons from a personal tutor can submit their answers directly to the teacher and expect immediate responses with corrections.

We hope these differences provide a clearer picture between hiring a personal tutor and taking a group class for English communication.