Difference Between Gigecoin and Poocoin (POO)

So here’s a little story about Gigecoin and Poocoin (poo). It is very similar to the one my daughter likes to tell me about poo and pee. She would always ask, “Why they gotta be different?” Well you know what? I’m going to tell you why they “gotta” be different.

Poocoin vs Gigecoin: History

Gigecoin started out as a litecoin fork. It was originally going to be released as a scrypt because everyone was trying to follow the lead of Litecoin, Dogecoin and Casinocoin. Gigabytecoin changed its mind about being scrypt when Litecoin decided to change from Scrypt to SCRYPT-N. I guess they were afraid that people would think it was too similar to Litecoin if it remained as a scrypt coin so Giga went ahead and changed its algo from Scrypt(1024,1,1) SHA3 Keccak , which is also used by MaxCoin to SHA256 Qubit .

Poocoin started out with an announcement thread on Bitcointalk.org . It was quickly found by several other coin communities, one of which wanted to include Poocoin as part of their multipool. The dev liked the idea, but after some discussion decided he would rather have his own multipool with no strings attached. So that’s how it started, then there was a little bit of development and after that POO kept getting more popular due to its ASIC resistance.

Poocoin vs Gigecoin: Price Prediction:

The current poocoin price is 2.5 satoshi and it has a marketcap of about 10,000 BTC. Gigecoin on the other hand is currently at .00001479 btc or 1.68 satoshi with a very low market cap because no one wants to buy it when they can mine much more POO for less.

Poocoin VS Gigcoin: Development

Gigecoin team consists of Krumblez who is the dev, julzsoup42 who is helping with PR/marketing and another person supporting the pool. Poocoin has a very active lead developer CryptKeeper who himself seems to have something going on in his personal life but still manages to keep up with the development and the community.

POO dev has many things planned for the coin, including a multipool which is already up and running today. The devs seems to keep his word about releasing new updates as well. Gigecoin doesn’t really have much going on other than a twitter account that only has 113 followers where most of them are either from its own team or from people who want to buy Giga off them. Maybe this could be attributed to the low Gigecoin Price? Anyways, let’s hope they can pull through with some great updates in the future!

Poocoin vs Gigcoin: Exchanges:

Both coins are currently only available for trade on Cryptsy. Gigecoin has also been added to c-cex, but there is no volume at all, seriously you can go check yourself right now and see that if you want to buy sell or even place a bid, you could do it without anyone else even noticing!

Poocoin VS Gigcoin: Community

During the last month Poocoin community grew by leaps and bounds while Gigecoin lost followers on twitter probably because its too boring of a coin. People who aren’t following POO yet still post about it wherever they can because everyone wants to make some money with their new ASIC resistant coin.


In short, Gigecoin is a complete ripoff of POO with a slightly higher price. When I say ripoff I mean that Gigecoin was created as a copy-paste with some minor changes to the theme and name of the coin. The developer Krumblez has been asked by many people why he went ahead and made his own “Litecoin” instead of following the likes of Quark or MaxCoin who have their own original codebase but yet still remain true to Satoshi’s vision for an ASIC resistant currency. His response was always very short, usually consisting of rationalizations like “POO is premined!” which are completely untrue because Poocoin was launched at exactly the same time as Giga (even though they started with Scrypt).