Difference Between Commercial and Residential Glass Replacement

Glass used in commercial applications tends to be more thick. There is no significant distinction between business and home glass aside from the fact the fact that when dealing with storefronts. The glass is usually more thick than that used in homes. The most typical thickness of glass that we encounter is the 1/4 “ glass for businesses. Commercial glass systems typically use aluminum frames that are either one pane of 1/4 glass that’s either tempered, annealed or laminated. For commercially-use insulated glass environments, you’ll typically have 1/4 glass that has the spacer of 1/2 that binds the glass together. This is 1” thick, whereas homes units range between 7/16 and 15/16.

Residential Window Glass

Window frames for homes can differ in a variety of ways depending on the time it was that they were placed in and what kind of material is used to construct the frames. The most common types of frames for houses include wood and vinyl. Fiberglass, vinyl or aluminum. These are the most common types we see frequently. Glass thickness for residential use in numerous instances is 1/8, or Double Strength. For dual-pane insulated units in windows for home typically, you’ll find 1/8 glass with a spacer between. For older single-pane glass, you may find one strength 1/16th. Residential glass is also available in tempered, annealed or laminated glass, however, laminated glass is extremely uncommon in window systems designed for residential homes.

Home Patio and Sliding Doors

In the case of the home sliding doors as compared to sliding storefront doors there are some major similarities. It is not common to see these size of dual-pane or single-pane glass sliding doors that are tempered in business or commercial environments. A lot of the sliding doors that you will see in shops or malls make use of thick glass such as 1/3 or 3/4 Tempered Glass. The glass is much more costly than the less expensive glass that the majority of patio doors utilize. The glass used for patio doors may be as small as 1/8’’ thick in a lot of cases and even 3/16.

Glass Replacement for Residential and Commercial Cost

The reason that commercial glass replacements are often more costly as compared to residential glass due to the size and thickness of glass. Commercial glass replacements are typically larger than standard windows for homes, however when dealing with luxury custom homes this rule of thumb usually isn’t the case.

Turnaround Times for Home Glass vs. Business Glass

The turnaround time for customized tempered and insulated monolithic glass range from 7-10 business days. The more customized the glass or the larger the order, the longer it will take. For standard home dual pane window glass, sometimes the turnaround could be as short as 3-4 days based on how busy glass makers are. We only use the best glass makers: Trulite, Glaztech, and Stadium to provide quick turnaround emergency services.

Requesting a No-Cost Quote for Commercial Glass

Com-Al Glass installation in Perth you identify the requirements to replace your glass. We can be reached by phone or email, as well as text messages. We suggest that prospective clients include some approximate. information about their glass. This will guarantee quick and precise estimates for the stress of damaged glass. In the event of emergency service, it is the best method to obtain speedy glass services in Perth. Feel free to send photos approximately. details, and your contact information to our company’s cell phone located at the top of the page.