Difference between an Auto Body Shop an Auto Repair Shop

No doubt both terms Auto body shop and Auto Repair sound identical but there are many differences between the two.

Vehicles are an intricate and crucial part of our life. Most people choose to drive them without exploring how they work.

It is very common among many car owners to think everything related to car maintenance or repair is the work of a mechanic; they assume the mechanic is the first go-to person in case of any automobile problem but this is not true in all cases. For instance, would you go to a stomach doctor for a skin infection? Probably Not. Stomach infection is something that occurs inside of our body and skin infection is caused on the surface. So, it’s similar to the case of a car. That’s why you should not go to a mechanic shop for a dented bumper or restoring paint.

In more simple language, your car has two basic divisions: The engine which provides power to move and another is the car’s exterior and non-moving parts which carry the engine, passengers & everything else.

A little more deep understanding of your car will enable you to understand how An auto body shop and an auto repair shop shop are different from each other. So that you can find the right car experts to fix your vehicle.

A normal auto body shop fixes the body: frames, windows, doors, bumpers, etc. Mechanically, these parts are not engaged in powering the vehicle or bringing it to a stop.

On the other hand, Auto repair shops fix engine components & related parts that strain during normal driving. 

Auto Repair Service

When your car has an internal problem related to an engine or brakes, you are hundred percent sure to take your car to a mechanic in an auto repair shop. They restore your car to its perfect working condition with their right knowledge and expertise to eliminate and renovate deteriorated components.

An auto repair shop performs regular car repairs & maintenance.

It can fix or replace moving car parts including brakes, replace other parts that strain during normal driving, and repairs the engine & other components that exhaust or become bruised during use.

When you enter the auto repair shop, firstly they will diagnose what’s wrong with your car. Once they get confident in the problem & the solution they will talk to you & give you an estimate. Then they will fix the car & finally pay the bill. Keep reading.

Auto Body Shop or Collision centers

An auto body shop repairs damage to the exterior & non-moving parts.

It includes restoring vehicles after minor or major crashes, repairing dents or marks in the sheet metal, repairing or replacing glasses, restoring paints & repaints to match factory colors, replacing bumpers damaged body panels & other components that are not part of the engine.

The top-rated body shop like CSN Edmonton mostly employs certified and skilled technicians who understand how to diagnose and fix numerous vehicle issues appropriately.

Its process is also similar to an auto repair shop that starts from getting an estimate to repairing the problem & finally paying the bill.

Maybe you feel Bodywork is more expensive than you would expect. Many reasons for this are out of control of the auto body repair shop For instance, they might have to purchase a brand new door panel or window glass if it’s beyond being repaired, or they have to order the paint that matches with your car.

Know where to go

Providing you a safe, sound, and happy journey is the goal of any auto body or auto repair shop. Quality work should always be their priority.

 Both mechanics and auto body shop technicians are experienced, skilled, and extensively trained in their fields. While some level of overlap exists in both fields, they are not completely equivalent.