Difference Between a Laundry Basket and A Hamper

Laundry tasks become easier when you have a laundry basket or hamper at home. But people often get confused between a laundry basket and a hamper. If you are looking to buy a laundry basket or hamper for your home, you will first need to understand the difference between these two. 

Actually, these two accessories get interchanged during our day-to-day life. A laundry hamper is a tall and narrow accessory that comes with a lid. Laundry hampers are generally used for storing dirty clothes. 

On the other side, laundry baskets are small and wider accessories that come without lids. They are used for carrying your clothes from one place to another. Let’s now understand the difference between these two items in detail.

Laundry Basket 

Laundry baskets are simple accessories that are used to carry dirty or clean clothes from one room to another. A laundry basket holds dirty clothes before washing and clean clothes after washing. It is durable and can hold a lot of laundry. These baskets come with strong handles so that you can lift and carry your clothes without experiencing pain in your fingers. 

Laundry baskets don’t have lids, so they feature an open-top design. They are lightweight and highly portable, so they are mainly used for transport purposes. Because of the compact design, laundry baskets can be stored in a small space. The cleaning process of a laundry basket can be difficult compared to the cleaning of a hamper. 

These baskets can be made of a variety of materials such as plastic, wicker, etc. They are strong, sturdy, durable, and can carry heavy laundry loads with ease. Apart from that, laundry baskets have an attractive design and are commonly used for laundry purposes only.       

Laundry Hamper 

Unlike laundry baskets, laundry hampers are tall and stationery items where you can store your dirty laundry till the laundry day. This is usually designed to help people store their laundry in an efficient way. So, the main use of a laundry hamper is for storage purposes, while laundry baskets are used for transportation. 

Also, it is very easy to clean. Depending on the type of laundry hamper you use, you can simply wipe the basket to clean it. Compared to laundry baskets, laundry hampers are less attractive. But this is not a problem because they are used for storage purposes. They are made of different types of materials such as plastic, metal, fabric, wicker, etc.

Unlike laundry baskets, laundry hampers are narrow, tall, and come with a lid for efficient storage. Some laundry hampers also come with different sections so that you can keep your clothes separately as needed. Because of multiple sections, you can store your clothes in a better way. You can use a laundry hamper for a variety of purposes apart from storing laundry. 


When both laundry hamper and laundry baskets seem the same, they have some differences. You need to know these differences before buying a laundry basket or a hamper. We hope now you have an idea about laundry baskets and laundry hampers and can decide which one you need.