Diet Mistake that Caused Muscle Loss

Everyone is figuring out different diets and food products that can help them lose weight considerably faster. People are approaching the concept of eating high in fat products and reducing the daily intake of carbohydrates. But this concept has its own significantly high risk, one of which is reducing muscle mass. People are opting for the keto diet as the ideal choice in reducing a significant amount of weight, and if not keto, they are reducing the level of carb intake and taking fat-rich foods. If you are interested in obtaining a standard weight, get more details on the meal prep ninja.

Muscle mass is a severe keto diet problem. 

Nowadays, people are making a generous effort in reducing body weight, and the majority of them are following the keto diet as the leading resource in reducing body weight. But they are not sure what sort of issues are associated with it. 

Folks following the keto diet often see a significant loss in their body or muscle mass. They are not aware of the fact that protein alone cannot help them in maintaining body mass. They will reduce weight, but the muscle mass can reduce to a risky level. Reduction in muscle mass shows its defoliating effects when you cross the 40s. 

You will undergo extensive mortality or gait issues, and with less muscle mass, there are great chances of fall and injury. It is indeed well proven that if you try to lose weight at a greater level, you will shed an excessive amount of muscle mass than you could expect. It is always advisable to follow a proper diet plan such as to avoid any problem.


In research, there were two groups, each having 25 participants. One of the groups was put on a five-week diet plan, and they were allowed to have a 500 calorie diet plan or meal every day. At the same time, the other group was put into a 12-week diet course and were given the orders to follow a diet plan in which they had to take 1250 calories every day. By the end of both diet courses, it was found that both group participants lost the same amount of weight, but the amount of body mass or mass muscle reduction was 1.3 times higher in the first group taking the least amount of calories. When you undergo an extreme diet, the amount of water and glycogen reaching the muscles reduces to a dangerous level leading to mass loss.

Other issues reported with diet are 

  • When you take fewer calories or, more specifically, if the amount of carbs you take is reduced to a dangerous level, you are likely to encounter hypoglycemic episodes. And this part is hazardous for people who are suffering from diabetes. Hypoglycemia can turn everything in your body upside down.
  • Though the keto diet can help to reduce weight at a faster level at the same time, if you return to your eating routine, you are likely to gain back quickly. Also, this change might lead to abdominal fat accumulation and diabetes
  • We know that our brain loves glucose, but with the keto diet, there are chances of glucose depletion and ketones usage to cope with blood and brain energy. The ketones lead to insulin failure and cause excessive electrolytes release. This will in return lead to fatigue and constipation. All these factors lead to less energy. With keto diet people often find normal tasks difficult because it becomes pretty tricky for them to concentrate

Every diet has its limit and with keto one can reach severe nutritional deficiencies. With such deficiencies, it becomes pretty hard to come up with daily work life. Certain other diseases or conditions turn up. If you are ready to gain muscle mass follow.

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