Your diet affects your health and is an integral part of leading a healthy lifestyle. If you merge proper diet patterns with physical activity, you will maintain a healthy weight that’s for sure. It will also help you to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart attacks.
As per the different health sites, a proper diet fully packed with all nutrients leads to better says dietitian Sheela Seharawat. Having a healthy diet is very important, and it is important to understand first what a healthy diet is. Also, Check out some great health and fitness Gadgets reviewed by Gadgetsouq. They can help you to stay healthy and fit both mentally and physically.

What is a healthy diet?


A healthy diet means having dense foods rich in nutrients and the right quantity from all food groups. According to many people, a healthy diet is a diet with a specific weight loss plan out, a healthy diet is simply the type and amount of food you consume. A good diet should include many food groups that offer everything you need for good health. Eating a balanced diet is important to stay healthy as diet is a big part of good health. A healthy diet comprises of

1. Whole grains

There are many examples of whole grains that can be included in the diet in the right quantity like bread, pasta, cereals.


2. Fruits and veggies

Consuming foods and veggies are best to achieve good health. As per diet clinic recommendations, a combination of variety do colors in your diet can help you to maximize the intake of nutrients. Instead of choosing juices, try to have whole fruit as it is a much better option and it offers more fiber.

3. Protein

Consuming a protein-rich diet is vital for overall health as it repairs tissues in the body. Foods rich in protein also have a high level of minerals like zinc, magnesium, and iron. Some foods to include in your diet are eggs, fish, meats, soya, Quorn, beans, and nuts.

4. Calcium

Healthy diet plan always contains foods that are rich in calcium as they promote healthy bones and teeth. Dairy products are a rich source of calcium. Also, it is recommended low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese in their weight loss diet plan.

5. Fats

Consuming fats are also advisable as they are important for brain health, joint health, skin, hair, and energy. However, dietitian suggests avoiding more of saturated fats as they can lead to heart disease. Unsaturated fats like avocados and oily fish that help to reduce bad cholesterol in the blood.

6. Sugars

Sugar intake in moderation is fine, and it is best when taken from fruits as they are the best option to add as a sweetener. Excessive sugar intake can lead to weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, and many other health issues.


Tips for good health


Choosing food from above food groups is not sufficient to stay healthy as there are some tips that everybody should follow to stay healthy and fit

Portion size

Managing portion size is important as food requirement of the body varies from person to persona d depends upon many factors like age, genders, and activity levels. Consuming larger portion sizes can lead to obesity. Diet clinic not only recommends what to eat but also recommend the portion sizes accordingly to stay healthy. Paying attention to the quantity of food, calorie intake, and savings are important.

Eat fresh foods instead of processed foods

Eating fresh foods is recommended by the best dietitian in Gurgaon and avoiding processed foods of what you should do to be healthy. As per Dt SheelaSeharawat, fresh foods are nutrient-rich, and processed foods are energy-rich.

Less sodium intake

Excessive sodium intake can lead to high blood pressure as it increases water retention. People should consume more potassium as it counteracts the harmful effects of salt. Some potassium-rich foods are tune, bananas and butternut squash. Avoiding processed foods will automatically reduce sodium intake as salt is added when it is processed. You can use paprika, oregano, garlic, basil, and many other herbs in place of salt.


Effects of an unhealthy diet

To understand a healthy diet, it is important to know what an unhealthy diet is. There are many types of unhealthy eating, especially fast foods. Fast foods are considered as unhealthy as they are rich in carbs and high-fat content and frequent consumption of it contributes to an unhealthy diet.

Not only this unhealthy diet is consuming only one type of food like if a person is consuming only meat will lack vitamins and minerals. An unhealthy diet can lead to many physical changes like bloating, weight gain and acne. Keep in mind that every food you eat has the potential to change your gut microbiome.

Unhealthy diets have the power to imbalance your health and can negatively impact metabolism, digestion, and immunity. Diet clinic always makes people understand what is right and what is wrong. It’s essential to be attentive to both the short-term as well as long-term effects of unhealthy eating, and to always try to eat a balanced diet.