Did Pentagon Release Grainy UFO Videos to Cover-Up Billy Meier UFO Case?

Highest quality UFO photos and films were taken by Swiss UFO contactee since 1964; reason for contacts to help us assure our own future survival


A prominent UFO researcher is wondering why the Pentagon has released such poor quality, grainy UFO videos when stunningly clear UFO films and photographs have been available since the1960s.

While the Pentagon announcements grabbed headlines worldwide with images like this:

From Pentagon UFO video 2004

UFO expert, Michael Horn, called the “world’s leading authority on UFOs”, points out that decades before computers, PhotoShop, etc., UFO contactee, Billy Meier, took over 1,200 clear, daytime, independently authenticated UFO photos and films, like these from 1975: 

  Billy Meier UFO PhotosBilly Meier UFO Photos

                               Billy Meier UFO Photos from 1975

Meier’s UFO Photos from 1964

In fact, Horn says that as early as 1964, with many eyewitnesses present, Billy Meier was photographing UFOs in a remote part of India, about a dozen of which remain to this day:

                                          Billy Meier UFO Photos

                                                       Billy Meier UFO Photos from 1964

Meier’s UFO photos from India were so compelling that the once skeptical former USAF OSI/Department of State investigator/supervisor, Joe Tysk, declared that “the only logical conclusion one could come to” is that Meier’s UFO photos and films are absolutely authentic. 

More Unparalleled Evidence

Recently, Horn, who is also the American media representative for Billy Meier, discovered five, never before seen photos showing one of the extraterrestrial UFOs interacting with a then top secret US Stealth fighter at Groom Lake, in 1981:

UFO and Stealth fighter photos

                                           One of five recently discovered UFO and Stealth fighter photos from 1981

Skeptics Strangely Silent

While the Pentagon’s low-quality evidence has already been the subject of much ridicule, skeptics who usually rush to debunk UFOs have been conspicuously absent from the discussion, apparently refusing to try to attack Meier’s obviously higher quality UFO films from decades ago.

The Higher Standard of Proof

Surprisingly, Horn claims that as remarkable as Billy Meier’s still irreproducible UFO photos are, there’s an even higher standard of proof. “Even with the incontrovertible photographic evidence, some people will still try to deny the obvious facts. But the ‘higher standard of proof’ is the hundreds of specific examples of error-free, prophetically accurate scientific information, provided to Meier by the extraterrestrial Plejaren race, with whom he’s been in contact for 78 years. 

“In addition to not having any evidence themselves, none of the so-called UFO experts ever ask why extraterrestrials in UFOs would contact us. Certainly, it’s not for us to chase lights-in-the-sky. Having researched the Meier contacts for 42 years, it’s clear to me that they are trying to help us deal with the many threats we face. In fact, Meier was the first to warn about everything from climate change, the ozone damage and radical Islamist terrorism, to the Coronavirus disease.”

UFOs No Threat to Us

Unlike the Pentagon’s concern that UFOs could pose a threat to humankind, Horn says that the opposite is true. “The Pentagon is the home of the US Department of Defense, which concerns itself with national security and military matters. As the old saying goes, ‘to a hammer, everything looks like a nail’. The extraterrestrials who contact Billy Meier know that we are more than capable of destroying ourselves. 

“So, without interfering with us, they have given us the best evidence of their existence, and the benefit of their scientific knowledge. Speaking to us in the language of science, they have left it up to us to evaluate their information and take responsibility for our own future survival.”


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