Diablo 4 XP Farming Guide: Dungeon Reset with Nightmare Sigil

In this Diablo 4 guide, we will explore an XP farming method that can help you gain significant experience points quickly. We will compare this method with another farm to determine the most effective one. We’ll need to reset certain dungeons using an exploit or glitch to get started.

Step 1: Dungeon Reset and Sigil Consumption
To begin, we need to reset the dungeons instantly. Utilize an exploit or glitch, allowing you to reset the dungeons without waiting. Afterwards, head to the consumable tab and consume a Nightmare Sigil.

Step 2: Locating the Nightmare Dungeon
Open the map and locate the Nightmare dungeon. Find a nearby point of interest and spawn there. Once you’ve arrived, enter the dungeon.

Step 3: Teleporting Out
Inside the dungeon, use the teleportation command (press “T” on the keyboard or the corresponding button on the console’s d-pad) to instantly teleport out. Avoid leaving the dungeon through other means, such as using the emote wheel or opening the map app.

Step 4: Returning to Town
After teleporting out, head straight to town. Now, you can choose the dungeon of your choice for farming XP. In this guide, we’ll focus on a specific dungeon that can yield up to 800k or even 900k XP when done with a party.

Step 5: Finding the Farming Spot
The farm location we’ll be discussing is called Zarbin, found at the bottom of the map. To reach Zarbin, start from Kyova Shot and head south. The path is relatively straightforward, with a few twists along the way.

Step 6: Heading to Blind Burrows
Once you’ve reached Zarbin, travel towards the right side (east) and then head north towards Blind Burrows. This area is considered one of the best farming spots due to its compactness compared to other locations like the Ruins of Haridu, which may not be as effective anymore.

Step 7: Clearing the Dungeon
Enter Blind Burrows and clear out the entire dungeon, defeating enemies and participating in events. There are two events within this dungeon that provide extra XP. Take advantage of them to maximize your gains. Additionally, expect a large group of enemies to spawn, offering more chances for rare and legendary item drops.

Step 8: XP Gains
With a party, you can earn hundreds of thousands of XP, especially if you combine the benefits of party members and elixirs. When playing solo, you can still earn between 700k and 800k XP. The exact XP gained may vary depending on your build and efficiency.

Step 9: Dungeon Reset and Farming Continuation
To reset the dungeon quickly, teleport back to town using the portal and then click on the portal to return to the dungeon. You’ll notice that everything has been instantly reset, including the fog of war. Rinse and repeat this process to farm XP efficiently.

Comparing the Farming Methods:
Now, let’s compare the abovementioned dungeon farming method with another hidden dungeon available through the “Call of the Ancient” Quest. This hidden dungeon provides a higher chance of obtaining Diablo 4 gold and legendary items, as demonstrated by the acquired unique ancestral item in the guide.

In this Diablo 4 XP farming guide, we explored an efficient method to farm experience points in the game. We compared it to another farming option and discussed their differences. Use the dungeon reset exploit responsibly and consider fair play standards while using these farming methods.


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