Diablo 4 Twitch Drops Event: How to Get Limited-Time Free Cosmetics

In Diablo 4, limited-time free cosmetics are available through Twitch Drops. This guide will explain how to enable Twitch Drops on your account and claim these exclusive cosmetics. Additionally, we’ll provide information about a unique mount and how you can support your favourite streamers. Whether you’re interested in the free cosmetics or need assistance getting started in the game, we’ve got you covered!

Enabling Twitch Drops on Your Account:
Log into your account online.
Navigate to your account settings and find the “Connections” tab.
Connect your Twitch account to your account by following the instructions provided.
Once connected, your account will be associated with your Twitch account.

Claiming Free Cosmetics:
The Twitch Drops promotion for Diablo 4 runs from June 5th to June 11th, with different cosmetics available weekly.
To qualify for the free cosmetics, you must watch at least three hours of eligible Diablo 4 content on Twitch.
You don’t need to watch the streams actively; you can mute and minimise the tab while the content plays in the background.

Free Cosmetics Schedule:
June 5th to June 11th: Recolors and cosmetics for the Rogue and The Necromancer classes.
June 12th to June 18th: Sorcerer class cosmetics.
June 19th to June 25th: Druid class cosmetics.
June 26th to July 2nd: Barbarian class cosmetics.

Exclusive Mount and Supporting Streamers:
Blizzard offers a special mount as an incentive to support local streamers.
Starting from June 5th, as soon as the game is released, you can show your support by gifting two subscriptions to eligible creators on Twitch.
This is a direct purchase, and the money goes directly to the streamer of your choice. Blizzard does not take a cut.
To support a streamer, visit their channel and click on “GIFT SUBS.” Choose to gift two subscriptions or enter a custom amount (minimum of two subscriptions).
By gifting the subscriptions, you will effectively spend $10 and receive a limited-time mount as a reward.
Remember, this mount is only available during the event period and cannot be obtained afterward.

Take advantage of the limited-time free cosmetics in Diablo 4 by enabling Twitch Drops on your account and watching eligible Diablo 4 content on Twitch.


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