Dhow cruise dinner experience at Dubai marina – Updated 2022

Are you always in search of idiosyncratic activities to entertain yourselves or spend quality time with family or friends? If yes, then you are at the right place because we have got an idiosyncratic yet captivating and riveting experience for you, so that, you can have the best time of your lives with your family or friends in Dubai. Also, Dubai never fails to dazzle or galvanize when it comes to amusement or entertainment. You must be perplexing already that which amusing experience are we referring to, right? So, without any further due let’s dive into the pool of amusement one can experience in Dubai.

Traditional Arab Boats

World's 'largest wooden Arabic dhow' sets sail from Dubai | News-photos –  Gulf News

The traditional Arab boats known as dhow cruises can provide you with an unsurpassable experience in Dubai. If don’t know anything about them then don’t perplex because we have got your back as we will discuss everything about them in detail. Dhow Cruises are traditional Arab boats embellished or ornamented with gleaming/sparkling lights consisting of two decks, an upper deck, and the lower one.

The upper deck is open-air while the lower one is fully air-conditioned. If you are in the mood of refreshing your soul with a soothing breeze then you can opt for having dinner on the upper deck or if you want to stay in your comfort zone and want to enjoy your dinner conventionally then you can opt for the lower deck. However, whether it’s the upper deck or lower deck, one thing that remains constant is limitless divertissement and leisure.

Flavorsome Buffet and Fine Dining

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina | Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai

It won’t be wrong to say that dhow Cruise is just like a floating restaurant. The most intriguing part about cruising on the dhow is the toothsome and delectable buffet consisting of international cuisines and a handful of desserts made by expert chefs which means you will be taking your taste buds around the world. Isn’t that great?

The best part is the fact that the buffet includes both non-veg and veg dishes to facilitate and satisfy everyone’s cravings. In addition to that, welcome drinks are also served for the hospitality of guests. If you are in a mood for fine dining and stunning ambiance with background music, then you can opt for dhow cruise dinner without giving it a second thought.

Sightseeing of Marina Skyline

Marina Bay Sands - Hotel, Shopping, and Entertainment Complex in Singapore  – Go Guides
Credit: Hotels

Do you know what’s the best way to admire the unrealistic beauty of Dubai? It has to be by riding on a dhow cruise. That two-hour cruise will leave you awestruck by the alluring and prepossessing cityscape of Dubai. The mesmerizing sight of gleaming skyscrapers while floating on serene water waves with your loved ones will be a dream-come-true moment of your life. It’s not just conventional sightseeing but a preposterous recap of Dubai’s culture and tradition.

Your eyes will not believe that magical, appealing, and striking sightseeing. Dubai Marina is known for its unrivaled architecture all over the world, and experiencing it on a dhow cruise Dubai Marina will be a lifelong experience. Indeed, a peerless way to create memories and adore them forever.

Live Shows For an Unsurpassable Experience

New Year's Eve at the traditional Dhow cruise

You will experience dozen eating places throughout your life but you will remember and cherish only those that provide you an unsurpassable experience. An experience that is out of the box and extravagant. After having a toothsome and utterly delicious dinner, experiencing sightseeing of Dubai’s peerless landscape, you will be entertained with a live performance known as Tanoura Dance which is one of the intriguing highlights of dhow cruising.

It is a traditional dance in which the dancers spun continuously to entertain the guests. They make sure to engage with the guests and amuse them at their best. Sounds great, right? Also, they perform at both decks, so that, everyone on the dhow cruise can experience their exceptional and momentous performance.

Final Verdict

Glad to know that you have made it to the end. To conclude, we can say that dhow cruise dinner experience at Dubai Marina is nothing but ravishing and revitalizing. It’s a great way to experience something idiosyncratic yet mesmerizing in Dubai. The delectable food, prepossessing sightseeing of Dubai’s scenery, and amusing Tanoura dance will be a lifetime experience one can have in Dubai.

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