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Here are the DFY AI & DFY GPT OTO links. 1,2,3,4,5 Get The 5 OTO Links With A Discount And Huge Bonuses OTO DFY AI & DFY GPT You will receive Massive There is one DFY AI & DFY GPT Front-End and five DFY AI & DFY GPT OTO Editions.

DFY AI & DFY GPT OTO Links + Massive Bonuses

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DFY AI & DFY GPT OTO Links Above –  What is DFY AI & DFY GPT ?

Over the past three months…

AI has helped me make more than $30,000.

I made my own software that connects to the AI (the newest version is called GPT-TURBO) and, in a nutshell…

In March 2023, they learned how to REALLY MAKE MONEY WITH AI!

All the things I’ve learned have led to a single automation tool I call AI PROJECT X. You’ll notice that the graphics don’t match the brand at all. That’s because I can’t decide on a name (don’t worry, everything will make sense by the time the site goes live). But in the end, I’m so happy that this is out there. The reason is…

> AI Software (GPT-TURBO Powered) is a single software that, as far as I know, is the first tool on any platform (Warrior, ClickBank, JVZoo, etc.) that connects directly to the newest version of GPT, GPT-TURBO v3.501 (with data as recent as March 1, 2023!) …

> Getting to Know AI Prompts OK. Then, what does the software do? Well, AIs work based on commands or “prompts” that determine how useful the output (“response”) is. You’ll see a lot of AI beginners say things like “write me an article” or “draw me a cat,” but it’s a lot more complicated than that. (I’ll give you my prompts, but this is only half the story, keep reading…)

> Software that can spy on computers Now things start to get crazy. My first AI Whisperer course took me a LONG time to finish, and I was pretty much done with it in January. That sounds like a recent event, but in terms of AI, that’s like 2015. Since then, my AI game has changed A LOT. I’ve learned how to give the AI EVERY command that an Internet marketer would find useful. It’s cool. But what’s even cooler is that all YOU have to do is copy or paste some text from a website you want to make money from, and the AI will give you ASSETS for this niche. Why do I say “assets”? Hmmm. Try graphics, websites, articles, ebooks, and vectors, but… and this is where it starts to get “Twilight Zone” My AI pet can even write software for you. Chrome extensions, audio books, it’s just not right. Consequently…

This AI makes me money. I’ve been making THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS with this in the three weeks I’ve had it. I almost didn’t go through with this launch because… maybe I should just keep it. It’s possible that the last page is just a long list of proof shots. The tool makes 30x web assets, such as $200 websites, $1,000 Chrome extensions, and even $5,000 software tools. These aren’t just $5 articles, though. TRUST ME. All of this is putting GPT’s token limit to the test. Expect proof for Google, email, ClickBank, Warrior, Upwork, freelancers, traffic, affiliate, launches, promotions, and all the good stuff… And what’s really crazy is that all of this proof was made BEFORE GPT-TURBO came along. So MY results might actually be worse than YOUR results, since YOU have a better AI (before the other humans)

> AI Training Videos So, for Whisperer, I made a 50-page PDF, explainer videos, and other things. Here, the software is cut-and-paste stuff like “paste your link here and go.” Because of this, I won’t be training like crazy. There are 5 pages, and each one has 4-6 “modules” that create an asset. It’s so easy to use that I’ll probably make 5–10 videos in total. If you know what a Chrome extension is, you can use this tool to make one. If you don’t, I’ll explain what it is.

In short, no one else knows any of this except me. The only tool like this is the software. And this AI is the most important thing to happen to people who use the Internet since Google went live in 1999. Serious…

See The Demo

Product Overview

DFY AI & DFY GPT OTOs Details – All OTOs’ Links Above

Whole Overhaul 1: Unrestricted Version

In the first place, unlock the ability to run more prompts for longer periods of time, which might enhance velocity and revenues by as much as 500%. Second, learn about hidden prompt sequences and methods that are five times more profitable than what is shown initially. Front-end sales average $400 per day, but I’ve made $5,000+ per day with them.

Fast Track To Wealth Bundle OTO2

Multi-piece software installation. The first is a Chrome extension that extracts tags from any webpage (oops, one that could have material we might recreate). These tags are then saved in a database and transformed into PROMPTS. Next you enter these rules into a web-based application (Program Tool #2) designed specifically for artificial intelligence, and… TA-DA! Automatically created material based on the precise tags extracted from these sources, available instantly. You’ll need to be an early adopter and check out the upsell page on the day the product launches if you want to find out more.

OTO3 AI Video Package Version, The ELITE

Many speculate that AI will one day be used to create “faceless” YouTube channels. Excellent work, little one. Third-level progress has been made. It’s possible, though, that you’re overlooking the option to create VIDEO COURSES. The implication is.. You can avoid these issues by investing in my Video AI suite, which includes a number of programs, a brand-new artificial intelligence (AI) Chrome extension, and a comprehensive video course hosting platform with resell rights (so you can cancel your Kajabi subscription and then let your customers do the same). And all of this is done with the help of AI. I hope you’re learning something new today. My third upsells, yet again, are better than those of 99 percent of internet retailers’ initial two options.

Golden Version of OTO4’s AI Whisperer

Obviously, I couldn’t have omitted this. If I found out that a person I cared about didn’t have access to AI Whisperer, the industry standard introduction to generative AI, I’m pretty sure I’d have a major meltdown. Offered cheaply and with some bonus features thrown in. As I’d like as many people as possible to get access to Whisperer v1, I’ll be paying out 90% commissions to all the affiliates who promoted it in the past.

Version OTO5 AI Pro Push

Have you considered creating your own AI-powered push auto-responder? YES! You can use AI to turn any website into a web push subscription if you’ve built up a large enough list of subscribers.

Hot Bonuses Packages DFY AI & DFY GPT

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DFY AI & DFY GPT OTO Links Above

Video review for Front End only DFY AI & DFY GPT

DFY AI & DFY GPT   – Text From This Video

Hello, and thanks for coming back to my channel today. I’m going to show you done for you, AI review, so your heart is actually done for you, AI guys done for you. AI is a software that runs in the cloud and a brand-new way to do things that no one knows about yet. This is already done for you online, so it’s as easy as pushing a button for you. The person who made this software for you, AI, is Chris X. Chris X is one of the best software creators, and he’s also a ClickBank Platinum vendor. He’s launched a lot of software successfully on Warrior, and he’s also a top five percent vendor on Marketplace. Guys, guys, guys, I’m going to show you step by step everything you need to know about this software. Then, for you, AI, I’m going to show you everything that You can find out everything there is to know about this software.

I wrote down everything there is to know about standard AI and how generative AI works. There are only three easy steps to follow. Full overview of the product, preview, AI demo, full demo, and the Creator talking about the Creator. the Father. You already know that Chris X has a lot of experience in the field. He has made a six- to seven-figure income with the success he and his team have had, and everyone can make a lot of money with his software. If you want to make money online, you really should guys. Don’t skip this video until you’ve seen the demo. I’m going to show you how this software really works, and you can see a temporary AI search here. After that, AI will work for everyone.

Before you use this software, the most important thing you need to know is that I have put everything you need to know on my blog. Just click the link in the description of my video below. If you buy this software through my link, I’ll give you a $2,375 bonus. Guys, this software is real. It’s not a scam, and I know the printer. Chris, x. Guys, you’re right. I tell people about Amazon Apple. But if you buy this software through my link, I’ll get a small cut, but don’t pay too much.


This is my honest opinion, and you guys shouldn’t wait to check out the link in the description of my video below. Here you can see temporary IOT, discount coupons, pricing, and options, and here is all the private use. Only five of the prices for Opus are very low, and as you can see, the Android user interface asks a lot of last questions here. I think you have a lot of questions, and I think you can find the answers here. You can see, and there’s nothing wrong. They will tell you 30 days ahead of time.

check your past. So there’s nothing for you to lose. In short, and here is where you can see Deputy a bonus package? This is the bonus for the seller. The seller will give you this fourth bonus, and when you click here, I’ll give you my special bonuses.

Here, you can see all of my free bonuses, such as my personal software, my online businesses, software ebooks, and the free social media marketing materials I will give you. If you have trouble getting my bonuses, you can send us an email. Here is our email address; I will send you guys bonuses. Okay, so this is me, and that’s all, guys. All of my bonuses are easy to get, and now is the time to do so.


The site for the government Just click on the link in my description or the one below the video. Okay, guys, I’ll just jump the cell space of this software in a pretty way right now. Right now, I’m going to show you: um, uh, demo. How does this piece of software work? Okay, guys, you know, and you can see that they share a lot of information, like how the faces are set up sexually. Here are all of this software’s features.

In this long video, I’m going to show you how this software works right now. Stay tuned, and if you’re a struggling marketer who wants to really make money from online marketing, this video will send you live.

So, this video is for you, right? Okay, guys, I’m going to give you a quick demo right now. You can also watch the demo by clicking on the link in the description of my video below, or by going to my blog, I’m going to show you the quick demo right now. This demo was made by the person who owns the software, who also made the software. He explained everything well, which is why I’ll show you this demo from the beginning. So, guys, let’s see the first demo!

This demo will take a long time, so please say, “Please pay attention to the demo.” “Okay, Chrissy, hello, and welcome to done for you, AI. Now it’s cloud-based software, so you can just log in through your browser and start using it right away. It comes with more than a hundred different AI commands or prompt sequences that you can use to talk to it. As you may know, these are all based on the $20 million in online sales I’ve made, and what the app does is create dozens of income-generating assets, the same assets that are already making between $100 and $2,000 per day. This includes videos, graphics, PDF articles, tweets, websites, and even software that could be made with dump view AI and Ill.


In a second, I’ll show you a demo of some software I made with the chat GPT that made me over $6,000 and only took me a few minutes to make. Show me how to do that with the word “done.” You, AI, and the guys can use this to make a lot of different things. This is just one example. There’s nothing else like it on Earth, but that one is the important thing here. This is about as easy as it gets to make money when you combine AI with the way I’ve programmed all these different commands at the next level, which is super duper simple. These are also the exact methods that have made me tens of thousands of dollars, including over $30,000 in proof in just 2023, in just the last few weeks. All of this was done using AI and these exact sequences.

Okay, so how done for you are we talking about when we say “done for you”? Well, I’m being as simple as possible for you, because the way I built this, all you have to do is copy and paste from any website, and the AI takes care of everything else. Then you click one button, and the AI will show you a list of choices. You choose the one you like and click another button. In each case, the AI will run a pre-loaded prompt that has a very detailed prompt sequence and very specific settings. That’s what we’ve found to be the best way to get the AI to work. At the end, you’ll have a money-making asset that’s all set up and ready to go.

There are now a lot of these assets, but each one is only worth a certain amount.

Your appetite Now I’m going to talk about the software. Let’s take a look at a few key assets that we can actually make with AI that does the work for you. So, how long do you think it will take us to make a really popular and high-quality tweet based on the news of the day? I’ve used this kind of tweet on some of my Twitter accounts because it got more than a thousand views on its own. Knowing anything about what’s going on in the news today, and I’ll show you how to do this in a second, I can make sarcastic, on-point viral tweets by copying and pasting from Google News. Then we’ll make an instant website, and this is the same website that has made me over $100 per day through affiliate marketing by promoting this page.


They asked me to make a page like this. I just didn’t have the time. Since my designer was out of the office, I had church apt. build this page for me. Next, we’ll talk about how to actually close deals and get paid for freelance work. Even if you don’t want to do the job yourself, you don’t want to spend time answering or messaging clients. Church EPT will take care of everything, and then we’ll make a Google Chrome extension right here in chat.

You can see that there are some numbers here for GPTS: Six thousand dollars for one hundred dollars a day and two hundred and fifty dollars an hour. All of these numbers are U.H.-proof and were made by me in the last 60 days. Okay, guys, if you use these exact prompts, they’re now just a few clicks away. So, if you wanted to pay someone to do each of these things, it would probably cost you between $50 and $2,000, but you can do them all through chat.

GPT, and all you have to do is copy and paste it into the AI. The AI will take care of the rest. Now, there are dozens of these assets that can be made, and they can all be done for you by AI. With that in mind, let’s dive in and use done-for-you AI to make these four assets. So, here I am on the log-in page for dumpview AI. You can see that we have different sections for content, traffic, design, affiliates, and profits. I’m currently in the section for content and ebooks. You can see that we have a lot of different options: we can make viral tweets, come up with content ideas, make PDF reports, write SEO articles, and pass AI detection filters. But the one we’re interested in here is making a viral tweeze, and you can see that the interface is very simple. We have a form field and a button called “Ask AI.”

DFY AI & DFY GPT OTO: An Overview of the Product

The computer will then give us three different answers. We choose the one we like, and since it’s a tweet, we can actually hear it. We can send out some tweets and then come up with some more ideas. This will be done by the AI. In this case, all we need to do is pay Google News a tax for our particular keyword, so here I am on Google News. You can look at the RF search chat GPT, which is what I’ll be talking about here.

Of course, the app is about charging P2, so it does make sense. All I’m going to do is grab all of this text, scroll down, and copy it. You can see that I’m not formatting anything here. I’m literally copying the text, and then we’ll go back to done for you, Ai, and I’ll literally paste all of that text in without any formatting and click the ask AI button. Okay, and as you can see, our three tweets have now been sent. The first one says, “I’m so happy that the church EPT can now send emails for me.” I mean, who wants to talk to accounting? Hashtag churchgpt, hashtag AI, does anyone have help with GPT?

I think mine might have split into two people. I have problems. Before I read Noam Chovski’s take on GPT, I thought 2023 looked better than 22. Okay, so this first onePT is the one I like best. Okay, so this first one is the one I like best. Who wants to send for me? Who really wants to talk to accounting? That tweet is pretty funny, and it also ends with these two hashtags.


I can see that going viral, so let’s click this button and see if the AI can make a better version of the tweet. I thought 2023 was talking about 2022, but then I remembered that I’m still living in a simulation, hashtag dystopia, hashtag AI. So, I can see how this one might work. Well, especially if you know you can add a link to it. This could be a reference to, um, one of the links we just grabbed here. You could tweet this and add a hashtag like if you wanted to “Then add this link to The Verge.

You could also do the same thing with this one, so let’s talk. Gpt can now send me an email if they want to talk to you, and you could make that happen more. I’m taking Ted from accounting and putting “churchgpt” and “The Verge” in front of it. Then I’m going to drop that link in here, and we have a tweet right away. That will make us look smart, and it’s right on point! It’s about the news of the day, and we haven’t had to write a single word. We haven’t had to come up with anything clever, but this will do.

You know what’s going on in the Twitter world, so this is literally the first time we’ve made a tweet go viral based on today’s news. All we had to do was copy the news story from Google News and paste it into Chachi. Our prompts and Chat GPT did the rest. That’s that. The first thing we’ve done is a viral tweet based on today’s news. This is the same tweet, structure, and approach that got me over a thousand views on a Twitter account for a tweet I didn’t even write. Okay, the next step is to make an instant website. To answer this question, I’ll go to the traffic section, where you can see that we’ve made a “bridge page,” which is basically a very simple landing page. It is used by a lot of very successful marketers. For example, this bridge page is currently running on the keyword. This ad spends thousands of dollars per day to promote the Smoothie Diet, which is one of the best ClickBank offers.


But it’s a very simple page: there’s a headline, a tagline, an image, a call to action, and a button. That’s pretty much all there is to it. So what we can do here is click on “create a bridge page.” As you can see, we’ll need to paste in two different things: the text from the website and our affiliate link. So, I’m going to AI Whisper, which you can see I’ve already chosen. I mean, I just copied all of the text here. Well, the first two pages or so.

So now I’ll just come back here and paste the text in. I’m not going to get the affiliate link because this is my own offer. But you would put your affiliate link here, and then we would just copy it and click “As you can see, some microcopies now have “AI” written on them. So it’s written a headline that is very similar to the one we already have on our page: “Nice! Learn how to make money from the AI gold rush in 2023. It has a slogan: “Click the button below to unlock AI’s money, making secrets, and future-proofing profits.”

Today, it has a paragraph called “Find 50 AI hacks that can make you $100 to $400 a day” with real-life case studies and UPT software that comes with hacks already installed. That can use the T1000 on multiple megacomputers, join the AI Gold Rush of 2023, and make money. Now it has a call to action access, and then it has our affiliate link. If I click Ask AI again, it will send me this file, which, as you can see, is in Dock index.html and has all the codes with the links. The font, style sheet, and all the other classes were already there. It even had JavaScript. All we need to do is copy it, paste it into a new file, and save it as index.html. Then, when I open the page, you can see that we have a heading.

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