DFS Cloud File Sharing to empower mobile workers

DFS cloud file sharing gives easy access to the mobile workers for easy and simple remote file sharing access. The DFS cloud file sharing allows the users to group share files on multiple servers. The user is provided with a transparent link that you can share with a group of people. You don’t have to remember the file server names anymore, as the global namespace allows the users to simplify the network sharing. The SBM network shares allow the users to copy and share files easily among the group of users.

Cloud File sharing

Cloud file sharing and remote work have become common these days as businesses and companies have expanded and have gone global. Cloud file sharing allows remote workers to work from anywhere in the world by having safe and secure access to the company’s files. Cloud file-sharing has been in use during the pandemic because the workers had to work from home. Cloud file sharing allows the users to integrate and share files and allow the workers a safe and secure way to work remotely. Cloud file sharing also allows the remote workers to share collaborative tools to perform the work activities efficiently. Working remotely has become easy and secure due to the cloud file-sharing system.

Cloud file sharing features

Active Directory integration

The windows infrastructure is organized and maintained well, and the window file servers can be accessed safely and securely. Cloud file-sharing has made the life of remote workers convenient and simple. The cloud file sharing integrates and connects with the Active Directory, and the users are authorized to get access to the files. The cloud file-sharing system authorizes the user to get access to the file, and the system has proven to be a secure and simple file sharing solution for the employees and the companies.

Easy and simple file sharing

Using the VPN can be a headache, and accessing the VPN files is not so easy and simple. Cloud file-sharing uses HTTP protocols to connect to the file servers. With the cloud file sharing features’ help, it becomes easier for the remote workers to connect to the files and have access to the files easily.

Best of both worlds

The windows file server security is preserved and safe. The data ownership is protected by the cloud file sharing, and the remote workers can have access to the servers easily. File sharing has become a lot more secure than before. Cloud file sharing also comes with file locking features that allow you to lock the files and prevent certain files’ access. The cloud mapped drive makes it easy for remote workers to share files and work efficiently from home. The corporate file servers are well protected with the help of cloud sharing. Cloud sharing has also helped to enhance the file sharing experience for mobile users. The HTML pages and other files can be accessed on the mobile easily with cloud file sharing.

Benefits of using alternatives of VPN

There are a lot of benefits you can gain from using the alternatives of VPN. Triofox happens to be a perfect cloud VPN alternative, catering to the needs of many individuals. There are many flaws when it comes to traditional file server access, which is why users don’t prefer it anymore.

Guaranteed Data policy

Businesses can take care of their data privacy by making use of Triofox. It will offer easy access to the internal files, but the security features will be top-notch. Many businesses want to replace the existing file servers with cloud-sharing solutions that will reduce the cost. Triofox will facilitate cloud sharing to the fullest as the security features are high.

Simply collaboration

It will be easy to collaborate with all your business partners to give limited access to your internal files them. You can share files with the non-AD users but will have the administrative control in your hands. It will also become easy to simplify multi-site collaboration as there are automatic locks and control versions too.

Simplify management

It will become easy to centrally manage users, access controls, and storage for each one of the users. You will be happy to know that it will also become easy to track of the data and keep it organized without any fear. You have your access on all the files and will know how and where it is being shared.

Reduce costs

VPN file sharing can be costly as you will have to deal with support tickets and eliminate the overhead. With the alternative of VPN, you can automatically use the existing users and have their permission for setting up time and saving money.

Granular Folder permission

You will get complete visibility and control over the Granular folder permission. It will also be easy to manage the permission from the file server that comes with a source.NTFS permissions are normally associated with private data storage so that you can organize it easily. It will continue giving a lot of protection and security to your data without any delay.

Increase productivity

Businesses are always looking to increase their productivity, and the best thing is that Triofox will offer an on-mapped drive. It will work anywhere and everywhere, and you can make use of it on every device. Even mobile users can share data and flies on the cloud servers.

Enhance data security

You will be delighted to know that the files will be secured at rest and in transit thanks to the military-grade encryption. The connections are also secure, and you can make the most from the enhanced data security. It will also become easy to make use of the existing users while you can keep their permission to save time, effort, and money.

Private file sharing solution

Triofox also offers a private file sharing solution to the internal active directory IT infrastructure. The firewalls will also be protected, and the internal digital assets will have complete security. The enterprise can help create a private file sharing solution.