Devour the delicacies of Italian chocolate candy!

Italy is famous for its delightful snacks like pizza, pasta, ciabatta, cannoli, prosciutto, Cappellini, and much more. But what about the sweets and candies? No matter which corner of the world we end up in, we can’t resist our sweet tooth from browsing the candy outlets in the market. There is an endless number of options available to have a mouthful of foil-wrapped Italian chocolate candy, the expected Kinder Bueno, instant gelato, a Nutella-breadstick-tea, and a lot more indecipherable varieties of chocolates.

Most of the candies from outside are wrapped in foil and feature a picture of hazelnut but each chocolate comes with its own rich history and flavor. It is very well known that Italian cuisines are known for its delicacies and superb taste but have you ever tried the diverse variety of Italian candies? Italian candies and chocolates also involve all senses like touch, smell, taste, and sight which makes them unforgettable. Below listed are some of the renowned candies found in Italian candy stores:


1. Kinder Cioccolato Milk and Cocoa Chocolate

Kinder Milk and Cocoa Chocolate are produced by Italian confectionery multinational company Ferrero. Kinder Chocolate combines three things all in one product – chocolate, games and discovery of new things. One of kinder products, Kinder Surprise, offers milk chocolate that has a capsule containing a toy. Kinder has a variety of products including Kinder Bueno, which is a chocolate wafer bar with hazelnut cream, Kinder Surprise, Kinder Joy Happy Hippos, Kinder Delice, Milk Bites, among others. The smell of kinder chocolate can trigger the production of the hormone leading to happiness and good moods.


2. Duplo Chocnut Chocolate and Hazelnut

Nutella, hazelnuts have become trendy, driving up prices and encouraging farmers to produce the nuts in Chile and Australia. The company affirms to have two years’ worth of its hazelnut supply. 


3. Baci Perugina with Ruby Cocoa beans by Perugina

 The cocoa beans are processed purely from scratch which contains the precursors that bring out their natural pink color. This unique chocolate is for those who want to have a new taste experience. The Baci ruby chocolates have a fruity and fresh taste which is almost like wild berries and comes in the limited edition in the supermarkets. This is one of the best chocolate for all the dark chocolate lovers out there. These are so thick and dense, they’re almost like a nutty brownie topped with a hazelnut.


4. Milka Choco Swing

This bar lives up to its wrapper.A plain layer of biscuit surrounded by a thin layer of white chocolate is sealed inside a final layer of milk chocolate.

Italian candies come in several major categories like hard candies, soft candies, and hard candies filled with a soft texture and much more. Italy is also renowned for fruity hard candies that come in various flavors and textures. The beautifully wrapped Glitterati Hard Candies are perfect to savor when you just need a little something sweet and can be found on Italian hard candy online stores. Each little jewel candy bursts with a fruity flavor and contains minimal calories. The fruity flavors include blackberry, pear, strawberry, orange, and lemon.

There is something special about Italian candies, their source of the ingredients, or in the production process, the flavor and texture of these delights is simply divine! Italian hard candy fruit possesses an everlasting flavor whereas soft textured candies are becoming more popular these days. These soft textured candies come individually wrapped and possess soft caramel-like texture, or a gummy, gel-like texture with delicious, fruit-infused flavors.

The hard textured candy combined with the soft filling gives both a flavorful crunch and a satisfying chewy texture when you get to the middle. Chewing gum is another popular form of Italian candy that comes in various fruit flavors. These intensely flavored candies impart a taste of sweetness without going the whole hog, and are very satisfying!

These sweet treats are appropriate with a citrus taste and just right sweetness!